Weed Ideas for Valentine's Day

Jan 23, 2024

Heart shape made of cannabis buds.

Each year, millions worldwide celebrate love and connection on Valentine’s Day, which just so happens to be right around the corner. Couples and singles alike enjoy the traditional gifts of roses and chocolates, but the modern cannabis romantic might want to infuse a bit of greenery into this holiday. 

Traditional expressions of affection have their charm, but the aromatic scent of cannabis wafting through the air and the effects that unfold can enhance and elevate the Valentine’s Day experience. Whether you’re happily paired or flying solo, the appeal of cannabis-infused celebration appeals to all. 

Couples can take the opportunity to deepen their connection, while singles can revel in the self-love that also deserves a spot on this iconic holiday. Let’s get shot by Cupid’s bow and explore some of the best ideas for a weed-infused Valentine’s Day celebration

Key Takeaways

  • Valentine's Day is increasingly incorporating cannabis, offering a modern twist with activities appealing to both couples and singles, like cannabis-infused breakfasts and spa sessions, enhancing the holiday experience with its unique effects.
  • Activities like nature hikes with edibles and creative cannabis gifting, including personalized accessories and luxury edibles, offer a fresh approach to Valentine's Day, focusing on personalization and sensory experiences.
  • Indoor celebrations are enhanced with cannabis-themed movie or game nights and tasting sessions, fostering connection and enjoyment in a relaxed, personalized setting.

Cannabis-Infused Romantic Breakfast

The best way to kick off Valentine’s Day is with a romantic breakfast, whether that means breakfast in bed, a sunrise picnic, or time spent loving in the kitchen. Infusing cannabis into breakfast is easy with cannabis butter or oil. 

Light up the stovetop to make fluffy pancakes, which can be topped with a dollop of cannabis butter and fresh berries for a citrus twist. For a savory option, avocado toast with a drizzle of cannabis oil will keep the buzz going. 

Not big into breakfast? Just drip a couple of cannabis drops into your coffee and savor the morning. 

Setting is just as important. To elevate breakfast from a regular experience to a once-in-a-lifetime romantic affair, set the mood with soft and dim lighting. You can decorate with fresh flowers or herbs, adding some greenery to what will be a “green” experience. 

As a final touch, curate a playlist of your favorite sunrise songs and make your morning memorable.

DIY Cannabis Spa Experience

To keep it going after a cannabis-infused breakfast, continue the celebration with an intimate, soothing, and cannabis-themed spa experience. 

You don’t even need to leave the house, and a couple of quick tweaks can turn your space into a haven of relaxation and self-care for you (and your loved one). 

Set the Scene

Clearing the space of any distractions, turning off big lights and employing dim lighting, finding some scented candles, and playing soothing ambient lighting are pillars of fostering a spa-like ambiance. 

Setting up scent diffusers with cannabis essential oils and other calming herbs like lavender can enhance the experience too. 

Bathing for Two with Cannabis

There aren’t many things as relaxing as a warm, bubbly bath (which can be even more fun when shared with a partner). With a relaxing ambiance in place, get your hands on CBD-infused bath bombs or bath salts for a luxurious and fizzy experience that can promote relaxation for both body and mind.

For an extra touch of indulgence, follow up the bath with a massage and moisturizing session, complete with cannabis-infused massage oils and lotions. The sensual experience of touch and the infusion of cannabis can deepen the connection and provide beneficial effects for the body, mind, and soul.

To ensure a holistic cannabis-oriented romantic experience, it’s important to connect and communicate with your partner or with yourself. 

Employing breathing exercises, being vulnerable and honest, and having meaningful conversations accompanied by cannabis can create intimate and irreplaceable moments.

Outdoor Adventure with a Cannabis Twist

Love is natural, which is why it’s only natural to celebrate it in nature. Honor Cupid’s day in the great outdoors with a cannabis-infused nature hike and get in touch with what Mother Nature has to offer lovers. 

Pack some edibles and let’s hit the road. 

You’ll want to pick a nature trail, park, or botanical garden with a picturesque backdrop and good weather. Make sure you stick to trails and stay safe, especially if you plan on being under the effects of cannabis. 

Edibles are a good choice for consumption, with slow-release, intense, and long-lasting effects.

Enjoy nature by yourself or with loved ones, but don’t forget to stay hydrated, consume responsibly, wear sunscreen and insect repellent, and enjoy nature mindfully. Allowing cannabis to heighten the sensory experience and deepen your connection with nature is a pristine way to enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Cannabis Gifting: Beyond the Ordinary

Red roses and marijuana buds laying on a marble table.

Beyond crafting cannabis experiences, you can transcend the ordinary with cannabis gifts. Whether a custom accessory, novel product, or luxury edible, you can’t go too far when it comes to gifting weed. 

For the accomplished stoner, a personalized rolling tray, engraved grinder, or artisanal pipe might be the dream. For the fancier marijuana aficionado, luxury and gourmet cannabis-infused edibles like truffles and confections make for a decadent experience. 

You can also look for handblown glass pipes or decorative ashtrays that blend functionality with aesthetics. 

If you want to gift actual cannabis, consider a curated subscription or gift box for a dose of premium products. Knowing your partner’s preferences, like favorite strains or consumption methods, can make this a great gift. 

If you’re searching for a less-than-intense cannabis experience for Valentine’s Day, have a look at the Mellow Fellow Wellness line

For an experience that’s accessible, easy, and discreet, vapes might be your best option. Enjoy the euphoria of Wedding Crasher and Jilly Bean strains, or find a more mellow experience in Ghost Train, Strawberry Cough, and Tokyo Diesel Drift strains. 

Mellow Fellow Charged Blend Wedding Crasher 2ml Disposable

Mellow Fellow also carries dozens of strains in cartridges, which you can enjoy with a 510-thread battery. Wedding Crasher and Candyland are some favorites, with a spectacular blend of cannabinoids like THCv, HHC, Delta 8, and H4CBD

Cannabis-Enhanced Movie or Game Night

Extend the celebration into the night with a cannabis-enhanced movie or game night, elevated by the buzz of cannabis. Set up a cozy nook with blankets and cushions to create a relaxed ambiance before turning into a cannabis-friendly film (suggestion: Pineapple Express). 

You’ll also want a snack buffet on hand for the inevitable munchies, so stock up on popcorn, candy, and chips.

You can also make a game night out of it by turning joint rolling into a fun competition, getting high and playing card games like Cards Against Humanity, or blindfolding each other to guess different cannabis strains. 

The point is to have fun with it, so get creative. Play a mellow playlist and share laughter and connection to make the most of the cannabis-infused Valentine’s experience.

Cannabis Tasting Experience

Instead of making a Valentine’s Day reservation at some fancy restaurant, elevate dinner right at home with a cannabis-tasting session. You’ll want to have a couple of your favorite strains on hand and complimentary snacks and drinks. 

Set up a designated station with labeled strains, ideally with a variety of flavor notes, aromas, and potential effects. 

Encourage participants to observe, smell, taste, and reflect on each strain and pair it with snacks and drinks. 

A Mellow Fellow Pineapple Express Pre-Roll may go great with a slice of Hawaiian pizza, while bruschetta might just pair great with a Strawberry Cough Cartridge.

Mellow Fellow Pineapple Express Pre-rolls

Relaxing with Cannabis-Infused Music and Literature

Relaxing into cannabis can be a wonderful experience, whether you share that with a partner or do it on your own. You can lean into the experience with a blend of cannabis-themed music and literature, which you can enjoy in a cozy setting with a joint in your hand. 

For music, check out Mort Garson’s Plantasia, an album meant to be played for plants, but that compliments the effects of cannabis. 

If you want to chow down on historical literature that talks about cannabis, pick up a copy of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas to read more of “Taste the hashish, guest of mine – taste the hashish. Open your wings and fly into superhuman regions.”

Final Thoughts

A modern Valentine’s Day requires modern habits, which include the rising accessibility and normalization of cannabis consumption. Relish the distinctive atmosphere and connection it can bring you (and/or a partner) by embracing the full effects. 

The holiday is about sharing and caring, laughing, and creating cherished memories. Infusing cannabis into the experience can only mirror the uniqueness of your personal connection, so don’t be hesitant about diving into it. 

Join the conversation! How else can cannabis elevate the Valentine’s Day experience?

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