5 Last Minute Cannabis Holiday Gift Ideas

Dec 8, 2023

The holiday season is in full swing, and if you're still scrambling for the perfect gift for the cannabis enthusiast in your life, look no further. Mellow Fellow, a brand dedicated to elevating the cannabis experience, has an array of last minute gift options that are sure to surprise your loved ones. From sleek accessories to premium products, we've curated a list of thoughtful presents that will make this holiday season unforgettable for the cannabis lover in your life.

Delta 8 HHC THCm disposable vapes jungle cake white buffalo

1. The Zen Bundle 

For the friend who works too hard and needs a helping hand with relaxing, the Zen Bundle is the way to go. This pack comes with the Tranquility Blend in White Buffalo and Recover in Jungle Cake. These blends are paired together to promote a sense of peace and rejuvenation. 

The Tranquility Blend combines cannabinoids like CBN and CBD to promote a sense of peace and mindfulness. The Recover Blend is crafted to alleviate stress and promote relaxation, featuring compounds like THCm and H4CBD. Encourage your hardworking friend to take a well-deserved break and immerse themselves in the tranquility of the Zen Bundle. Whether it's a quiet evening at home or a moment of respite during a hectic day, this bundle encourages both physical and mental rejuvenation. Buy the Zen Bundle here.

510 thread battery for cartridge

2. Air Flow Battery

If you’re not sure what your loved one’s preferred blend, cannabinoid, or strains are and prefer not to risk it, Mellow Fellow’s Air Flow Battery is the perfect choice. This 510 thread battery is not only sleek and convenient, but also comes equipped with temperature settings and adjustable air flow, for a fully customizable experience. With this in hand, you can enjoy total control over your cartridge for an overall enhanced experience. Using a hassle free Micro-USB for charging, gift the Air Flow Battery for ultimate convenience. 

HHC THCv Delta 8 disposable vapes tangie forbidden fruit

3. The Go Getter’s Bundle

Help your loved one start the day right with Mellow Fellow’s Go Getter’s Bundle. This 2 pack consists of the Clarity and Motivation Blends. Clarity utilizes cannabinoids like THCv for an energizing clear headedness, while Motivation features HHC, H4CBD and CBG for a gentle boost of energy. This bundle serves as a thoughtful gift that combines the pleasures of cannabis with a relaxing morning routine. The Go-Getter’s Bundle is perfect for those who appreciate a mellow yet energizing start to their day.

4. Burn Blend Wellness Gummies

For the friend who lives an active life, consider the Mellow Fellow Wellness Burn Blend Gummies. These gummies come in Tropic Medley flavor, each one delivering a taste of citrusy sweet goodness. THCv is said to be helpful in weight loss efforts as well as improved energy and focus. The Burn Blend would be the perfect addition to a pre workout regimen, or study session. 

We also recommend exploring other options in the full Mellow Fellow Wellness line. This thoughtful line includes blends like Elevate, Rest, and Momentum. Elevate facilitates a premium CBD experience, Momentum serves as an impetus to help you get going, while Rest helps you get the relaxation you deserve. Check out Burn Blend THCv Gummies here.   

seasonal live resin delta 9 edibles

5.  Seasonal live resin Delta 9 edibles Sampler

This Seasonal Selection edibles Sampler is a great, unique holiday gift as it offers various festive flavors of live resin delta 9. They’re available in the tart and fruity Cranberry, sweet and minty Candy Cane, and the one of a kind Sweet Potato Marshmellow. Each gummy has 10mg of delta 9 and 10mg of CBD for a balanced experience. At 2 gummies per bag, the samplers serve as a great introduction to live resin delta 9 edibles. You can get them individually or Get all three Seasonal Live Resin Delta 9 Edibles here.

Final Thoughts

As the holiday season is closing in, it can be tough deciding which last minute gifts to get the cannabis lovers in your life. This comprehensive list aims to help in narrowing it down. With choices like the Zen and Go-Getter’s Bundles, Burn Blend THCv Gummies, Air-Flow Battery, and the unique Seasonal live resin delta 9 edibles, you can’t go wrong. These last minute gift ideas are sure to bring joy and relaxation to your loved one's holiday celebrations. Make this season unforgettable with Mellow Fellow, where quality and safety meet premium, unique cannabis experiences.

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