Alternative cannabinoids like Delta 8 and Delta 10 have been taking the cannabis industry by storm. HHC, a lesser known cannabinoid, has also been on the rise. If you’re looking to buy the best HHC disposable vape available or already have one, here’s a complete guide on how to use it. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to use the Mellow Fellow HHC disposable vape, dosage and the effects you can expect.


What Are HHC Vapes?

First we’ll start with what is HHC? HHC, or hydrohexahydrocannabinol, is a hydrogenated form of THC. It’s a minor cannabinoid that naturally occurs in cannabis and hemp plants, though in very small quantities. Because it occurs in quantities usually too small to extract, HHC is typically made using a process called hydrogenation. Essentially this is the process of saturating organic compounds with hydrogen, which modifies the molecular structure. 

According to Mark Scialdone, a chemist and BR Brands Chief Science Officer, hydrogenation improves “stability and resistance to thermo-oxidative breakdown”. This means that HHC has a longer shelf life and is less prone to degradation caused by heat and UV light. It’s actually the most stable form of THC. 

Our HHC disposable vapes are filled with either 1ml or 2ml of only the highest quality cannabinoid oil, live resin, and cannabis derived terpenes possible. Our love for premium lab-tested ingredients comes from our roots in chemistry and pharmacology. At Mellow Fellow, our in-house PhD pharmacists used the farm-to-table concept to bring you the best hemp-derived edibles, vape cartridges, disposable vapes, and more.  

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does hhc get you high hhc disposables

Does HHC Get You High?

Yes. HHC does get you high and much like Delta 9 THC, that high feeling will affect everyone differently. HHC’s high is comparable to Delta 9 THC and Delta 8 THC. This is due to the fact that all three of these cannabinoids have five-carbon side chains. This means that they attach efficiently to your cannabinoid receptors. Many consumers describe it to be a therapeutic and stimulating high. Many also use it for relief from pain and insomnia.

HHC Vapes Dosage and Effects

When using the HHC Vape, start with a low dose and increase as needed. We recommend that you start with one puff and wait 15 minutes to see its effects before taking more. There are various factors that determine how long HHC’s effects last including the dose, individual tolerance level, age and metabolism. Overall the effects can last around 2 to 3 hours so be sure to dose accordingly.

Does HHC Show Up On A Drug Test?

Anecdotally, there have been some people who have reported that HHC doesn’t show up on drug tests. There’s not much research or data that supports this claim, so it’s better to not risk it. HHC is very likely to show up on a drug test.  

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does hhc show up on drug tests hhc disposables

How To Use Your HHC Disposable Vape 

Before vaping

  • Inspect the device to make sure that the HHC disposable vape hasn’t been tampered with. 
  • Ensure that the mouthpiece has no obstruction.
  • Please note that our HHC vape doesn't have an on/off button. 

How to use 

  • To activate the HHC disposable, you must draw a breath from the mouthpiece.
  • You can also use the preheat button while drawing a breath from the mouthpiece to activate the device. This allows for a stronger "hit". 
  • If the vape doesn’t pull, it may be clogged. Hold the preheat button for a few seconds to warm the oil, then try again.

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How To Charge Mellow Fellow Vapes 

  • Our 1ml HHC disposables use a micro USB charger.
  • Our 2ml HHC vapes use a USB-C charger.
  • The charging box/block you use should be under 24 watts to work efficiently. Our devices contain a security chip that shuts off power sources above this voltage to protect them from overheating. 
  • MELLOW FELLOW DISPOSABLE VAPES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE/MAC CHARGING BOXES. If used, the vape will not charge as the power supply is too strong. The Apple USB-C Cables should work fine with an alternate power source (<24 watts). 
  • When properly charging, the device will slowly pulse red. Once charging is complete, the red light will stop pulsing.


hhc disposable vape

Why Is Mellow Fellow's Disposable Vape Oil So Thick?

  • We ensured our disposable vapes have a preheat button because our oils are quite thick. This is for good reason: we provide the highest grade HHC Disposables vapes available. We only use pure concentrates and terpenes, no fillers. Each of our vapes contain only two ingredients: 100% all-natural premium cannabinoid oils & strain-specific cannabis derived terpenes. Click here to view our lab testing.
  • These devices are more prone to clogging because we don't cut or dilute our oil. If you’re experiencing clogging, there are easy ways to unclog your disposable vape. The preheat button functions to heat the oil and allow you to pull the vapor from the device. 
  • You’ll also want to avoid storing the HHC Vape in or around fabric to prevent lint or debris from entering the mouth piece. This will prevent any further clogging.

Mellow Fellow Disposables Blinking Lights

  • If you plug in the HHC disposable device to charge and there is no light, then you are likely using a charging box that is not compatible (Apple/Mac). The device will not charge.
  • 4 red blinks indicate that the battery is low and must be charged.
  • When plugged in, the device will slowly pulse red to indicate that it is properly charging. Once it’s done charging, the red light will stop pulsing and turn off. 

AirFlow Control

  • When the vape is facing you, there will be a switch on the right hand side. This is the airflow control.
  • When you push the switch down, a small hole is exposed to allow for greater airflow and bigger clouds.
  • When you push it down, the hole is covered, limiting the device's air flow. You can use this to customize your experience
HHC disposable vape


Final Thoughts

If you're looking for an HHC disposable vape that's potent and high in quality, be sure to check out Mellow Fellow! Our HHC vapes disposables come in a wide range of strains available like Strawberry Cough, Zkittlez, and Truffle Butter to name a few.

Our disposable vapes are the highest grade in the market and perfect for anyone- whether you’re looking to try HHC for the first time or already have some experience under your belt. Which of our HHC disposable vape strains is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Great instructions on use, I have purchased 3/2ml disposable vapes. They have been great and long lasting, no issues with charging… Occasional clogging, but clears easily. The only problem I had, because I’m a newbie to cannabis period at 74, was instruction on using the side switch r/t flow or hit. But thankfully this article resolved that. However,maybe I could proof read for you… when pushing down hole uncovered stronger hit, when pulling up hole covered milder hit. Or point out pushing away or toward mouth piece. Check you instructions above, you would have to mention turning vape around to push down the 2nd time. Am I correct? Maybe I missed something… I definitely missed using THC all the years. Love the product.

    John Christopher on

  • This is my first time buying mellow fellow and within two days it’s dead and won’t charge :/ wish I read the reviews before sending like 60 dollars on it.

    Zoe on

  • Battery died and it won’t recharge no matter what damn charger. Good product but this is shit if you can’t use the entire thing

    Ryan on

  • I like the mellow fellow but for some reason it wont charge after it went dead a whole waste of money…

    Tayler on

  • I’ve bought two of these and they suck. Sure it will get you high but it won’t charge. They’re a whole forum with people who can’t even get the first charge. Even with using the recommended charging style. Complete rip off

    Alfred Salitre on

  • Wedding Crashers is the absolute best! Im a true stoner, and I love these vapes!

    Tony S. on

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