3 Easy Ways to Unclog Your Mellow Fellow Disposable Vape

So you've learned how to use your Mellow Fellow Delta 8 disposable vape. The birds are singing, the sky is clearing and you're mellowing out. But then eventually, the inevitable happens. Your device clogs. What do you do now? Due to the viscosity of premium hemp oil, occasional clogging is bound to happen. Our new and improved devices were designed with this in mind and make occurrences less frequent. Unfortunately, this issue may still arise; if it does, here’s how you can fix it. 

Declogging your Mellow Fellow Disposable Vape - How To Declog Your Device

1. Pipe Cleaner (Recommended) 

  • Insert one end of the pipe cleaner into the mouthpiece. 
  • Twist pipe cleaner to clean and break up the clog.
  • The pipe cleaner is the best way to reach a deep clog!

Declogging your Mellow Fellow Disposable Vape - How To Declog Your Device

2. Q-Tip & Rubbing Alcohol 

  • Pour rubbing alcohol on one end of the Q-Tip. Make sure to keep one end dry!
  • Insert the soaked end of the Q-Tip into the mouthpiece to clean and loosen build-up.
  • Use the dry end to clean up any residue or left over alcohol.

Declogging your Mellow Fellow Disposable Vape - How To Declog Your Device

3. Eye Lash Brush

  • Similar to the pipe cleaner, insert the brush into the mouthpiece.
  • Twist brush to clean and break up the clog. 

We also encourage using the preheat button from time to time to help prevent this. Another tip…. When not using your Mellow Fellow Vape (whether it's Delta 8, Delta 10, or one of our carefully curated blends) it is important to try not to let it lay flat. Try and keep your vape on an upright angle so the oil does not try to run out of the mouth piece! Be sure to check out Mellow Fellow’s all-natural, hemp derived selection.
Which of these methods works best for you? Let us know in the comments below. Stay mellow. 

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  • Back on Dec 1st I bought several brands of disposables.
    The Mellow Fellow is strong in flavor, I wasn’t crazy about the bitter aftertaste. The mellow was decent. I kept accidentally switching the Air Flow thing and I’d accidentally choked myself out trying to inhale.
    Unfortunately, it clogged (with light use) after two weeks. The oil was so sticky, like sap, that I couldn’t get it off of the pen, the brush or my fingers- yes, I used alcohol, soap, oil on my fingers. Took a day or two to fade off my skin.
    Hours after the major clog of 2022, the pen died and (using all of the correct cords and chargers) it stayed dead.

    SO FAR, ANOTHER BRAND IS BEATING all of the others and it’s surprisingly not a popular one. I rarely see it but I’ve a store nearby that sells it, for now haha thankfully.
    It has a smooth gentle flavor, allows only small puffs, the charge has lasted 4 weeks now.

    Audrey on

  • Used the pen for a week. Now nothing. Not clogged but will not heat. Red light is blinking

    Trelis Moore on

  • I’ve been a mellow fellow for years now. I started on the 1 ml classic blends. Then 2ml classic blends. And I found that when the 2 ml classics had a regular metal coil they worked great. And I never had issues. But then I saw these new Blends come out with a red clay coil. I had issues with all these sadly where they would leak oil into my mouth. Wasted allot of money too :( And almost gave up on mellow fellows. But then I’ve been seeing these newer volumes of blends that don’t have a visibly red coil and they work great. And any issues I had, was delt with very fast and professionally by there customer support line. I love mellow fellows!!! And will always be a mellow fellow for life.

    Logan Rooks on

  • Was great and was very high until I got oil in my mouth very gross

    Linda on

  • I bought a Picaso (to go with my 3 the MF vapes). From the first hit IN THE STORE it was clogged. Used the preheater and it worked a little. Enough to make me keep it and head home. That same night it was clogged again but the preheater didn’t help. Tried hair dryer and a toothpick. I’ve got to hit it about 3 times and now I cannot get it unclogged. I really love the product when working properly! And, yes, I do store them all standing straight up.
    I’ll keep trying because it’s too expensive not to. Well worth it when it’s not clogged

    Steve Guettler on

  • I just purchased one today 11/16/22. I think I had 10 decent hits off it. But down hill after that my friends, I got the oil in my mouth (don’t ever do lol) I preheated it and then tried nothing. Tried charging it only a half hour so it didn’t over do the battery. Still acting like it is clogged, I can clear it out that’s the oil situation. Don’t use your mouth yukkkkkk!!! It’s great when I can hit it lol.

    Josh Mason on

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