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Our Charged blend is a powerful mix of uplifting cannabinoids that can give you an energizing boost and level up your focus.

THCv, H4CBD, CBG & HHC combined provide an energetic head high.

This blend, made up of THCv, H4CBD, CBG, and HHC is made to help you tackle the day with an energizing buzz that keeps you motivated and focused, perfect for powering through work or workouts. Our Charged Blend is carefully crafted to provide you with the perfect amount of energy to get you over any obstacle. In need of a little extra push? Reach for the Charged blend cartridge or disposable vaporizer.

Stay charged and ready to conquer whatever comes your way, today.

Good for:starting your mornings off right, powering through a long work day, ideal for early workouts or getting through your to-do list. Get Charged up!

Clarity is our unique blend of Delta 8, HHC, CBD, CBG, and THCv. We’ve designed this blend to work synergistically to promote mental sharpness.

THCv suppresses appetite, helps mental focus and blocks any sleepiness.

Looking for ways to enhance productivity or achieve mental focus and calmness? Our Clarity Blend is the perfect solution. This exclusive blend of Delta 8, HHC, CBD, CBG, and THCv offers a pleasant and rich flavor that induces feelings of steadiness, focus, and productivity in both the mind and spirit. Available in disposable vapes, vape cartridges, edibles and more

Experience full Clarity with a clear and sharp mindset that helps you stay focused, make decisions with ease, and embrace the day's challenges head-on.

Good for: enhancing concentration and decision-making abilities during your workday, making it an excellent choice for tackling important tasks, brainstorming sessions, or studying. Clear your head and get stuff done!

Our Creativity Blend is designed to ignite your creativity, help you tap into your imagination and let your ideas flow.

Delta 10 and HHC are the stars of this blend, adding a nice uplifting buzz. Combined with Delta 8, CBD, and CBG, the sky is the limit!

Say goodbye to creative blocks, whether you're struggling with writer's block, a blank canvas, or anything else that's holding you back from unleashing your creativity. With a wide range of options like disposable vapes, edibles, and vape cartridges available, you can explore our collection and get a dose of Creativity today!

Unlock your inner artist as Creativity helps you tap into your imagination and let your ideas flow.

Good for: enhancing overall joyful effects or when you simply want to uplift your mood and share positive vibes with friends and loved ones. The party blend!

Our Desire blend is crafted to enhance any experience with just enough bliss and bring a passionate spark to intimate experiences.

THCh is known for its high potency, providing a nice body high and clear headed buzz.

Indulge in Mellow Fellow's Desire Blend and discover love in unexpected places. Our blend is expertly crafted by our pharmacist and contains THCh, Delta 11, HHC, Delta 8, CBD, and CBG to enhance your senses and ignite your passion. This blend offers a heavy buzz with a lighthearted feel, ensuring a satisfying experience.

Ignite the flames of passion, enhance intimacy, heighten sensations and intensify connection with Desire.

Good for: setting the mood for a romantic evening, heightening the senses and enhancing connection during intimate moments. Unleash all your Desires!

Crafted to promote restful sleep and relaxation, our Dream blend encourages deep dreams and rejuvenating rest.

Delta 8, HHC, CBD and THCp work together to relax your senses. While CBN is what lulls you to sleep.

Unwind and enter a world of peaceful dreams with Dali's Dream Blend. This unique blend of Delta 8, HHC, CBN, CBD and THCp is perfect for those seeking relaxation or a temporary escape from reality. Experience the benefits of this surreal blend and let it transport you to a place of serenity and zen. Whether it's a disposable vape, vape cartridge or edibles, get yours today and Dream.

Indulge in this surreal blend, Dream, for a restful experience that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation, leaving you refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Good for: preparing for a blissful night's sleep, allowing your mind to wander and embrace vivid dreams as you unwind in the evening with a tranquil and introspective journey. Perfect for those who have trouble sleeping!

Our expertly formulated blend for Euphoria aims to uplift your mood and bring about a wave of positivity.

Delta 8, HHC, H4CBD, CBD, CBG, and THCp deliver a potent punch with a powerful stoney feel.

Experience pure bliss and a sense of elation as Euphoria works to leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Our Euphoria blend is designed to help you leave behind all of your daily stresses with just one puff. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating experience with this potent PhD Pharmacist-formulated blend that helps create a sense of intense joy and happiness.

Perfect for those moments when you want to feel on top of the world.

Good for: enhancing overall joyful effects or when you simply want to uplift your mood and share positive vibes with friends and loved ones. The party blend!

Our Motivation blend is specially designed to ignite your inner drive and determination.

H4CBD, HHC, and CBG work together to give a nice clear and energetic feel.

Boost your drive and ignite your inner fire and get the motivation to overcome any hurdle with our Motivation blend. This blend is expertly designed and PhD pharmacist-formulated to incorporate the energizing properties of HHC, H4CBD, and CBG, providing you with the perfect amount of vigor to tackle any task. Available in disposable vape or vape cartridge. Take a puff or two and start crossing items off of your to-do list.

Stay focused, productive, and motivated to tackle your goals head-on.

Good for: any time of day, provides that little bit of extra drive and determination needed to conquer even more of your goals. Knock out that to-do list!

Our unique Introvert blend is carefully crafted to provide a calm and peaceful state of mind to help embrace your introverted side.

THCb delivers a smooth, stress-reducing buzz.

Experience the best of both worlds with Mellow Fellow's Introvert Blend, whether you prefer to stay in your shell or not. This blend is expertly crafted with THCb, THCp, HHC, Delta 8, CBN, and CBG aimed to give you a sense of mental alertness and engagement. This unique blend hopes to expand your mind while also inducing relaxation. This means it may be perfect for individuals with social anxiety. With our Introvert Blend, you can enjoy the comfort of being alone, even in social situations.

Create a peaceful ambiance that pairs well with activities such as reading, journaling, or enjoying a solitary walk in nature.

Good for: anxiety relief during social gatherings, those who enjoy a relaxing, sedative high during the day and good for evening quiet time and self-reflection in the evening.

The Recover blend is designed to promote relaxation and ease tension.

THCm gives this blend a nice body high that's not too sedative.

If you need a way to recharge and rejuvenate, Mellow Fellow's Recover Blend has you covered. This premium cannabinoid blend includes THCm, HHC, H4CBD, Delta 8, and CBG. Created with high-quality distillate, Recover aims to enhance both your mind and body. Whether you've had a stressful week or an intense workout, take a break and give yourself the chance to relax, restore, and recover. Available in disposable vapes, vape cartridges, edibles and more.

Unwind and revitalize your body after a long day or a strenuous workout with Recover. Warning - may leave you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes next!

Good for: after a day of hard work or after a workout, morning recovery, unwinding and recharging your body, full relaxation while lounging around, enjoying a soothing bath, practicing yoga, or engaging in a massage session. Maxin’ relaxin’.

Our thoughtfully combined Tranquility blend aims to create a profound sense of inner peace.

H4CBD, CBG and HHC join CBD to create a relaxation like no other, and a little CBN adds just a touch of sedative effects.

Elevate your state of tranquility with Mellow Fellow's Tranquility Blend. This blend of HHC, H4CBD, CBN, CBD, and CBG works synergistically to focus on your peace of mind. The blend is PhD Pharmacist-formulated to bring you an ideal level of relaxation, along with a mild head high. Let Tranquility easily drift you away into a sense of serenity. Perfect for winding down after a hectic day or seeking peace in a busy schedule. Get it in a disposable vape, vape cartridge, or prerolls, and transcend your zen today.

Find your inner Zen with deep relaxation and a sense of tranquility.

Good for: meditation, practicing mindfulness, or enjoying a calming evening stroll before bedtime. Zen as can be!