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With Delta-8-THC, you can expect a less intense version of a classic THC high that cannabis is known for. It produces a calming and uplifting sensation without causing the intense psychoactive effects or paranoia associated with Δ9-THC. Can induce a state of relaxation and euphoria, increased appetite, and possibly alleviate pain and anxiety. We have several Delta 8 products in disposable vapes, cartridges and several edibles.


The classic Delta-9-THC is good for daily use in medium to low doses, can be fun for party time at higher doses. D9 induces a sense of euphoria, relaxation, enhanced sensory perception, and increased appetite. Potential therapeutic benefits include relief from pain and nausea. As of now, we produce Delta-9 edibles, but no smokables.


Mellow Fellow is the first brand to produce Delta-10 products at scale. Delta-10-THC is good for daily use for those looking to incorporate some cannabinoids without getting too high. The experience has been described as a clear-headed high that does not cause anxiety or paranoia. Delta-10 produces a stimulating, uplifting, and energizing effect that is similar to the "sativa effect" of cannabis. We have several blends with Delta-10.


Similar to Delta-10, Delta-11-THC doesn’t get you high like the classic Delta-9-THC. The double bond in hydrogen molecules is in a different location, thus it acts differently. Good for those looking to incorporate some cannabinoids without getting too high. Delta-11-THC is similar to Delta-10, reported to produce a stimulating, uplifting, and energizing effect that is similar to the "sativa effect" of cannabis. We use Delta-11 in the Introvert blend.


Effects are similar to Delta-9-THC and include a sense of euphoria, relaxation, enhanced sensory perception, increased appetite, as well as potential therapeutic benefits like relief from pain and nausea. HHC produces a mild, uplifting high that is less intense than that of Delta-9-THC. It is said to have more calming effects and is less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia, so it makes for a great base cannabinoid for almost all of our products.


With no intense or sedative psychoactive effects, THCv is a fantastic cannabinoid to use during the day. THCv is unique in that it acts as an appetite suppressant and brings a unique focus and mental clarity. Many report benefits like increased mental acuity and productivity. Hence, THCv is a crucial element in Da Vinci’s Clarity Blend.


THCp is best for use on your day off or at night or for high dosage sessions. THCp is an extremely intense, relaxing high that can last for several hours. The deep, sedative effects of THCp are a great way to disconnect from a stressful day - afterwards or in the middle of it! We found it the perfect additive to Picasso’s Euphoria Blend and Dali’s Dream Blend.


THCb is good for almost anytime in low doses and for high dosage smoke sessions. Without being too intense, its great for functional relaxation. It has a longer lasting effect than Delta-9 THC and we’ve found that it complements other cannabinoids perfectly in Banksy’s Introvert Blend.


THCm is good for an evening or a day full of recovery and relaxation. THCm does get you high and has longer-lasting effects, better pain-relieving properties and less psychoactive effects than other types of THC. Its unique molecular structure allows it to have a more balanced effect, making it a popular choice for those seeking relief from pain without feeling excessively "high." THCm is the ideal supplement for Frida’s Recover Blend.


THCh produces similar effects as ∆9-THC. With a 6-carbon chain, just one compound longer, it does correlate with a longer and stronger high. It brings intense feelings of blissful relief and relaxation. THCh is similar to Delta-9, so its good for those who have a higher tolerance and for night time or for a party. It has even stronger and longer-lasting psychoactive effects than other types of THC and produces intense feelings of blissful relief and relaxation. It’s no wonder why our pharmacists at Mellow Fellow used it to concoct Klimt’s Desire Blend!


CBG is said to be the parent molecule from which other cannabinoids are synthesized within the cannabis plant itself. It is thought to increase the function of anandamide in the brain and evidence suggests that anandamide modulates the emotional response to stress. It is not psychoactive at all, yet has been demonstrated in many studies to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and neuroprotective properties. Also acts in unison with other cannabinoids. Contributing to the infamous entourage effect of consuming multiple cannabinoids at a time. Each of our blends contain some CBG!


CBN doesn’t get you high but will certainly make you relaxed! It has more affinity to bind with the CB2 receptor, so it still has some effects. CBN is best used at night or for intense anxiety as it is heavily sedating. It isn’t intoxicating but it will most certainly make you sleepy! Beyond a sleep aid, CBN also works to relieve the pain and inflammation. A gummy or a couple hits and you’re out! Our Dream blend contains CBN in cartridges, disposables and edibles.


We believe CBD is an essential component to the cannabis experience. It is not psychoactive but works with different forms of THC to increase their effectiveness in binding to CB receptors. CBD is an essential for those looking to incorporate cannabis without the high. It helps the body feel relaxed and promotes overall wellness. Almost every blend product we have contains some CBD!


We like to say that H4CBD is, ”CBD you can feel.” It has four extra hydrogen atoms, which gives it an extra high affinity for CB1 receptors. H4CBD is good for daily use and great for those who don’t like to feel high but like to feel relaxed. It brings on a very, very mild relaxed feeling that leaves you calm and clear. Several of our blends contain some H4CBD, particularly Motivation and Charged blends.