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Nov 2, 2023

HHC disposables from Mellow Fellow lined up.

The cannabis world is always on the lookout for a new breakthrough star, and HHC seems to have fit the bill. Time is unveiling more intriguing information about hydrogenated hexahydrocannabinol, a cannabinoid that has emerged in many disposable vapes and promises a potent and satisfying cannabis experience. 

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs and dos and don'ts of this emerging cannabinoid and find some of the strongest HHC disposables on the market.

Key Takeaways

  • HHC is a minor psychoactive cannabinoid with similar yet less potent effects than HHC.
  • HHC vape strength is measured by purity and potency
  • Mellow Fellow has a line of potent HHC disposable vapes with strain-specific terpenes for unique experiences. 

What is HHC?

Hydrogenated hexahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as HHC, has emerged as a noteworthy player in the cannabis industry, highly regarded for its unique effects and innovation. 

First discovered in the 1940s by chemist Roger Adams, it comes to life through the hydrogenation of hemp-derived CBD. 

Although related to CBD and THC, a particular molecular structure makes it stand out. This difference allows it to be psychoactive, meaning you’ll get “high” after consuming it. However, the effects are thought to be less potent than those of THC, making HHC an intriguing choice for those looking for a milder experience. 

Since HHC has to be extracted from cannabis, there are various methods. These are the two most common: 

  • Solvent extraction occurs when hemp is mixed with a solvent like ethanol to separate the compounds. Once they’re separated, the mixture is evaporated, leaving behind a concentrated extract packed with cannabinoids. 
  • Mechanical extraction uses mechanical force like dry-sieving, pressing, or ice-water separation to separate the trichomes from the cannabis plant. The distillate is processed to remove impurities and isolate the cannabinoids.

HHC is becoming more popular, especially in disposable vape form. The rising interest in the discretion and convenience of vaping HHC cannabis products has caused it to become more well-known, positioning itself as a go-to for those seeking cannabis experiences that differ from the usual.

What is a Strong HHC Disposable?

When talking about the “strongest” HHC disposable, you’re probably referring to a vape with a heightened level of potency and intense effects. However, the strength of an HHC disposable comes down to concentration, purity, and overall experience. 

Strong HHC disposables tend to have a higher concentration of active HHC molecules, leading to a more immersive and potent experience. However, purity also plays a crucial role—the more pure the HHC formulation, the more precise and intense its effects. 

Lastly, factors like flavor profile, strain, and overall vaping experience also help define what a “strong” HHC disposable is. 

The Strongest HHC Disposables

Man sitting on the floor hitting a disposable vape.

If you’re looking for HHC disposables that offer the full package, check out Mellow Fellow’s line of high-quality HHC disposable vapes. With high potency, purity, and excellent quality, these are the perfect way to start introducing HHC into your cannabis experiences. 

Here are some of our favorites:

Mellow Fellow Sour Diesel HHC Disposable Vape


Our Sour Diesel HHC Disposable Vape is a great entry point for curious cannabis users who want to explore the unique effects of this cannabinoid. Produced by Ph.D. chemists and ranking high in potency, the distillate tests at over 95% purity, making for strong effects. Strain-specific terpenes allow for energizing and dreamy effects.

“Had the pleasure of trying Sour Diesel HHC, wow! Love it, very smooth and tastes great. On my list of favorites.” - Dave

Mellow Fellow Pineapple Express HHC Disposable Vape

With the same high-quality extraction process and over 95% concentration for expanded potency, the Mellow Fellow Pineapple Express HHC Disposable Vape is coveted. 

This vape contains strain-specific terpenes like myrcene and alpha-pinene, giving it a signature funky, sweet flavor and energizing effect.

“Pineapple Express is fantastic! I use the vapes to help me with PTSD and Pineapple Express definitely does the trick for me.” - Steve

Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape GMO Cookies

Continuing with the range of sibling products that boast over 95% purity in the HHC distillate, the Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape GMO Cookies offer a meticulously crafted experience that is potent and enjoyable. 

Rich in terpenes like caryophyllene and eucalyptol, it mirrors the GMO strain and is responsible for mentally uplifting and euphoric effects.

“I have tried other companies with similar products and Mellow Fellow is by far my favorite. Their HHC disposables are my favorite and truly have such a similar feeling but better taste than other brands. I highly recommend HHC Mellow Fellow, and I love the disposables (I didn’t usually lol).” - Mackenzie

Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape Blueberry OG


If you’re looking for a robust and exciting HHC experience, consider trying out the Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape Blueberry OG. With over 95% purity in the hydrogenated, semi-synthetic hemp-derived cannabinoids, this vape packs a punch. 

With a high-CBD terpene profile, this vape is perfect for relaxing after a long day while enjoying intense effects.

“I’m always a sucker for anything blueberry but I’m so surprised by how great the effects of this vape are. I have some every evening and I think it’s the secret to kicking back after a long day.” - Safiya

Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape Strawberry Cough

The Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape Strawberry Cough is made for potent and memorable cannabis experiences. With an astoundingly high purity percentage and HHC distillate packed with terpenes like myrcene and caryophyllene, mirroring the relaxing but invigorating effects of the beloved Strawberry Cough strain.

“I felt uplifted, energized and focused. Would recommend it to anyone looking to boost their day! Plus discreet delivery. Amazing service.” - Charly

Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape Zkittles

Standing as a testament to potency and quality, the Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape Zkittles is a fan favorite. With over 95% purity in the HHC distillate and a unique combination of terpenes and flavonoids, this strain will have you enjoying the fruity flavor and kick any bad mood to the curb within a toque. 

The strain-specific profile lets you enjoy the effects of Zkittles, a renowned strain that’s garnered quite a fan base.

“This blend makes my joints feel like 30 again!” - Jeannie

Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape Purple Punch

Last, but definitely not least, the Mellow Fellow HHC Premium Vape Purple Punch lets you enjoy the potency of grape flavor along with the pure effects of HHC. The HHC distillate boasts more than 95% purity, leading to intense effects. 

The addition of strain-specific terpenes like limonene and myrcene makes this experience relieving and relaxing. 

“Looking to chill out and feel really relaxed. Awesome flavor to all the mellow fellows. Hard to find here in my area, and the delivery is safe and discreet. Very pleasant to experience the ease of no traffic and you get what you want!” - Kyle

Final Thoughts

The landscape of cannabis is constantly changing, but with the relatively new acceptance of hemp-derived products on a federal scale, it’s safe to say that HHC is here to stay. 

There are many reasons you might want to grab a strong HHC disposable vape: the moderated yet potent effects, discretion, convenience, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced experience. 

If you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the world of HHC, it is important to keep in mind that informing yourself about responsible consumption is key. Different people have different tolerance levels, dosage needs, and preferences. 

On top of that, always research local cannabis laws to ensure you stay within legal compliance.

Strongest HHC disposable vapes: Frequently Asked Questions

What Differentiates HHC from Other Cannabinoids like THC and CBD?

Hydrogenated hexahdydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid derived from hemp that shares similarities with THC and CBD. However, this psychoactive compound is less potent than THC and can have varying effects. 

How Do You Measure the Strength of an HHC Disposable Vape?

The strength of an HHC disposable vape is usually measured by the amount and purity of the concentrate in the disposable.  

Are There Any Potential Side Effects Linked to High-Potency HHC Products?

Side effects like dry eyes, increased appetite, insomnia, paranoia, and anxiety are some of the possible side effects of HHC, similar to other cannabinoids. 

What Should Beginners Know Before Trying Out the Strongest HHC Disposable? 

Beginners should always start with a low dose. Gauging tolerance is important for valuable HHC experiences.

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