How To Use Live Resin Disposable Carts

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Are you struggling with your live resin disposable carts? Whether you’re unsure how to use them, or dealing with frustrating issues like clogging and leaking, you’re not alone. Seeing premium quality cannabinoid oil go down the drain (or in this case, the cartridge) can be quite disheartening. Whether it’s your first time or you’re in need of a refresher, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to know about live resin disposable carts. From the basics of how to use them to some helpful tips to ensure you get the most out of your experience. We’ll also go over the differences between live resin vs rosin and distillate vs live resin cart, to give a better understanding of their unique properties.

What is Live Resin?

Your first question is probably: What is Live Resin? Live resin is a type of concentrate that comes from fresh, frozen buds. The buds are flash frozen to preserve the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the original plant, aiming to keep its captivating flavors intact. Learn more about live resin here. Many enthusiasts praise live resin carts for their potent flavor when compared to traditional THC distillate carts. Later on we’ll explain the differences between the two options so you can decide which one suits you best.

What Are Live Resin Disposable Carts?

Now that we’ve gone over what live resin is, let’s clarify exactly what live resin disposable carts are. People also refer to these handy devices as vape cartridges or vape carts. They are small glass tanks prefilled with cannabinoid oil. Live resin carts are filled with you guessed it- live resin. Meanwhile standard cartridges are usually full of distillate. Disposable vape carts usually come in 1ml or 2ml and contain the following components:

  • Chamber: This area contains the cannabinoid oil that one would vape.
  • Atomizer: This is the cartridge’s heat source that vaporizes the cannabis oil and allows for inhalation.
  • Mouthpiece: This is a channel at the tip of the cartridge allows you to comfortably inhale the vapor.
  • Please note that you'll need a rechargeable battery (usually sold separately) to operate disposable carts.

vape cartridge disposable carts mouthpiece atomizer chamber 

Why Do People Use Disposable Vape Carts? Possible Benefits

Why use vape cartridges when one could just smoke instead? We’ve outlined a few of the advantages of using disposable carts:

Convenient: Many people use vape cartridges as a convenient alternative to smoking flower. The ease of inhaling cannabinoids with the simple push of a button offers a quick and easy option.

Discrete: Live resin carts are small and discrete, making them easy to take with you throughout your day. They also produce a milder odor with a shorter duration than smoked cannabis, which may make their use less noticeable to others.

Have Variety: One can find cartridges available in various strains and/or cannabinoid blend formulations. Having different disposable carts on hand may help one choose the best product for their individual needs. You can also have cartridges on hand for different situations, such as daytime vs. nighttime use.  

Comfortable: Cartridges offer a smooth inhalation experience by heating cannabis oil at a low temperature which some may find more comfortable than smoking flower.

live resin disposable carts vape cartridges

How To Use Live Resin Disposable Carts - Step By Step

Get a live resin cartridge

  • First you’ll have to purchase a pre-filled vape cartridge. You’ll be able to find one of these live resin carts at your local smoke shop or an online store. This is an important step as the experience you have will largely depend on the quality of the cartridge you get. It helps to check out the vape cart review before purchasing.

Get a battery

  • Once you purchase the vape cartridge, you’ll also need a battery for it.
  • You’ll want to ensure that the battery is compatible with the cartridge (e.g. A 510 thread battery for a 510 thread cart)

Charge your battery

  • Use the battery’s charger to charge it fully.
  • Most batteries have an indicator light that lets you know when it has a full charge.

Attach the cartridge

  • Gently screw the cartridge onto the battery after you’re done charging it. 

Activate the battery

  • Some batteries turn on automatically, while others require 5 taps of the button to activate.
  • If your battery has a button, it will have a light that turns on when you press it, letting you know that the unit is on. 

Press and inhale

  • Most vape batteries will have a small button. Put the cartridge to your lips, much like a straw, and press the button, taking a slow, steady inhale. You should see the battery light up and begin to feel vapor pulling in. You should see a small amount of vapor when exhaling. This lets you know the unit is working properly.
  • Remember to take small hits when first starting, as carts (especially live resin carts) can be potent. 


  • When the vape cartridge is done, unscrew and discard it, keeping your battery.
  • Head to an online store or local shop and grab a new cartridge to attach to your battery.
    live resin cartridges disposable cart

    Live Resin Disposable Carts Tips 

    • Dosage: The correct dose for you will depend on your individual tolerance, and the potency of the product. When using disposable carts one or two inhalations may be sufficient for some, while others may be able to tolerate more. If you’re a beginner, pace yourself and assess the effect on you before continuing.  
    • Keep your cartridge clean: To ensure a good connection, the threading on live resin carts and the battery must be clean. Carefully using a q-tip with rubbing alcohol is the best way to clean these parts. Avoid water exposure, as this can damage your battery. 
    • Overheating: If the unit stops working, it might be too hot. Prolonged activation of the battery can cause it to shut down. Overheating can also damage the inside of disposable carts and lead to clogging. Vaping on the hottest temperature option can also cause the unit to overheat. We recommended vaping at lower temperatures to preserve the oil’s taste and quality.
    • Clogging: All disposable carts are susceptible to clogging. But why does this happen? One of the most common reasons is the interaction between temperatures, and the oil. Warm conditions (such as overheating) cause cartridge oil to become runny. While cold temperatures thicken oil within a cartridge. Both of these temperature extremes can cause clogging. So how can you fix a clogged cartridge? The solution can be as simple as using something sturdy and thin (like a paperclip or toothpick) to remove residue from the mouthpiece. You should do this when the cartridge is at room temperature.
    • Understand your battery: Most batteries for live resin carts have indicator lights when they either need to be recharged or are overheating. Knowing the features of your battery will help you troubleshoot issues when necessary. 
    • Store properly: It’s best to avoid storing disposable carts in bright light and extreme temperatures. We also recommend storing cartridges in an upright position to prevent leaking.

    What’s The Difference Between a Distillate vs Live Resin Cart

    Now that we’ve gone over the steps of how to use live resin disposable carts, let’s explore the differences between a distillate vs live resin cart. If not specified, most disposable carts are made with distillate. While distillate and live resin are both available in vape cartridges, there are some key differences that set them apart. 


    The first difference between a distillate vs live resin cart is how they’re made. The oil in live resin carts is made from flower that’s been flash frozen immediately after harvesting. On the other hand, distillate doesn't come from frozen buds but dried and cured buds instead. Live resin extraction occurs at much lower temperatures than distillate.


    The most evident difference between a distillate vs live resin cart may be the terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds responsible for a strain’s aroma and flavor. The process of making the oil in live resin carts preserves the plant's terpenes. When it comes to distillate, the process strips the terpenes away and extractors typically add them back into it.

    Choosing between a distillate vs live resin cart is entirely up to personal preference. Some find that a distillate cart may offer a more streamlined cannabinoid experience while live resin carts may offer a more dynamic and flavorful one.

    Distillate vs Live Resin Cart: Which Is Better?

    So when it comes to which is better between a distillate vs live resin that depends entirely on your preference. The best way to find out which you prefer is to try them yourself.

    live resin disposable carts

    Final Thoughts

    Whether you’re a beginner or well-versed in the world of cannabinoids, live resin disposable carts can offer a fragrant & flavorful way to experience cannabinoids. We’ve gone over questions like what is live resin? We’ve also covered everything you need to know about using live resin disposable carts, as well as the differences between a distillate vs live resin cart

    No matter which you prefer, it’s always best to get your live resin carts from reputable sources who provide lab results. Have you ever tried using live resin disposable carts before, or are you new to this experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Stay Mellow. 

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      I recently purchased the Introvert blend AK-47 disposable vape. By far exceeds expectation. I’ve used other vape before because I work for a retailer that sells CBD and THC and I try to apply first hand knowledge. The Mellow Fellow brand has also enlightened me to all sorts of things I didn’t know. Purchasing that disposable vape was life changing. I am recommending that everyone in my life purchase. I will definitely push this at my job.

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