5 Things You Need to Know Before Vaping Live Resin

The wonderful world of cannabis has long been talking about live resin. It has intense aromas and high concentrations of terpenes that make it popular with enthusiasts. It is, however, relatively new in the hemp space. You may have noticed “live resin” popping up on alternative cannabinoids products left and right. 

With PhD chemists at the forefront of our formulation, Mellow Fellow uses our years of science-backed research and experience to bring you the highest quality hemp-derived alternative cannabinoid vapes, carts, edibles and more. The hype around live resin is certainly justified. After all, everyone wants their vapes and dabs to be flavorsome. That’s why we use live resin in all of our inhalable products. So you can taste the flavor, or taste the rainbow (with Zkittles), or whatever it is your heart desires. Mellow Fellow has various unique strains to choose from.  

Given how rapidly the hemp industry is evolving, it’s understandable to have questions. What is live resin, exactly? What is the process to make live resin? Are there differences between live resin vs rosin vs distillate? You’re in luck, as you’ll find all the answers here. Knowledge is your greatest power when faced with several brands and products to choose from. So keep reading to learn 5 things you absolutely must know about live resin.

1. What is Live Resin?

If you’re familiar with vaping or dabbing cannabis, you’ve likely heard about concentrates like shatter, wax, budder, diamonds and honey. With so many options available, it’s easy to get confused . So we’ll start from the beginning, by answering the question: what is live resin? Live resin is a type of concentrate, but it’s not quite like many others. 

Firstly, it is a full-spectrum concentrate. Well, what the heck does that mean? A full-spectrum concentrate is when a concentrate’s cannabinoids and terpene profiles are very similar to the plant’s when it was alive. Hence the “live” in live resin. How is this possible? It’s all in the process. 

Live resin is made from fresh, frozen bud, unlike many other concentrates. This traps more of the terpenes of the plant itself. What are terpenes? Terpenes are oils cannabis plants secrete that give each strain its unique smell and taste. Live resin having more terpenes certainly explains its robust flavors and aromas. YUM. Given its rich flavor, live resin’s rise in popularity certainly makes sense.

d8 d10 cannabis concentrates vaping delta 8 delta 10 live resin

2. What Are The Benefits of Live Resin?

When making live resin, the original plant's terpenes are preserved. As a result, live resin has a higher terpene concentration than most other concentrates or extracts. In addition to the terpenes, the original cannabinoids are also preserved which makes live resin highly potent. Live resin forges a way for consumers to reap all the benefits of hemp and cannabis in a quick, effective, and especially tasty manner.

3. How is live resin made? 

Now that you know what live resin is and its benefits, your next question may be: what’s the difference between live resin vs rosin vs distillate. Before we delve into that, let's take a step back and go into how live resin is made.

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  • The cannabis or hemp plant is harvested at peak ripeness. 

No Drying and Curing Here

  • Typically the next steps for other concentrates are dying and curing; however that's not the case when making live resin. These steps are where degradation happens. Degradation is the natural process where the cannabis plant begins to decay. It begins immediately after harvesting the buds. This is when a significant amount of terpene loss occurs, which the next step helps avoid.


  • After harvesting, the plant materials (sugar leaves and flower buds) are immediately flash frozen. Flash freezing stops all metabolic processes while retaining all plant components. The idea is to preserve the freshness of the plant and stop the degradation that usually happens. This is what sets live resin apart from most other concentrates.


  • The next step is extraction. To maximize terpene content, chilled solvent is pushed through the plant material to extract THC, CBD, other cannabinoids, and terpenes. 


  • The final step is distillation. The extracted solution is then purified to remove wax and any other impurities. The result is a pure product of the highest quality, free of harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

*While we all love a good DIY project, please note that Mellow Fellow’s in house lab uses the most up-to-date, advanced laboratory equipment. We do not recommend or endorse this process for DIY use. For everyone’s safety, we follow commercial safety protocols. We safely produced our oils and have them 3rd party tested for purity. Check out our lab results here.*

d8 d10 hhc delta 8 delta 10 live resin cannabis concentrates

4. Live Resin vs Rosin vs Distillate: What’s The Difference?

Another common question when it comes to live resin is: what is the difference between live resin, live rosin, and distillate? 

Live Resin vs Live Rosin

Live resin and live rosin are both full spectrum concentrates. They are extracted from frozen cannabis buds, so their terpene and cannabinoid profiles are similar to the original plant. The difference lies in their extraction methods. Live resin extraction occurs at low temperatures, while live rosin utilizes heat and pressure.

Live Resin vs Distillate 

 You can easily find distillates in cartridges, disposable vapes, and edibles like gummies. According to Weedmaps, distillate “is one of the most common cannabis concentrates on the market today.” While it takes fresh, frozen bud to make live resin, distillate is made from dried, cured cannabis. Extraction occurs at high temperatures. After extraction, distillates do not retain any terpenes. They’re typically added back in afterward.

5.  Is Live Resin Right For You?

It’s safe to assume that by now you’re wondering if live resin is right for you. Well, that depends. As flavorful as live resin is, it is also very potent. If you are a frequent cannabis consumer, live resin is a great option for vaping or dabbing. However, keep in mind that due to the nature of its processing, live resin tends to be on the steeper pricing end. 

On the other hand, if you are either not as experienced or live in a state with rigid marijuana laws, there are other options for you. Delta 8 and other cannabinoids have been reported to provide similar effects as THC (Delta 9) but with a lower risk of anxiety and paranoia. You could benefit from using alternative cannabinoid products containing live resin like our Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, and premium blend disposable vapes and cartridges

Final Thoughts

Live resin is a great way to enjoy hemp and cannabis products with as much flavor as possible. Now that you’re well versed in what live resin is, how it’s made, and even the differences between live resin vs rosin vs distillate, you’re ready to dive right in. However, be wary of companies who are riding the live resin wave while not keeping quality and your safety in mind. All of Mellow Fellow’s inhalable products contain live resin and are made with the highest quality premium oils. Our trusted PhD chemists curate all disposables, cartridges etc. with your safety, care, and enjoyable experience in mind. Be sure to check out our new premium blend diamonds, especially if you’re looking for an intensely flavor-packed dabbing experience. Stay Mellow. 

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