THCv for Weight Loss: Research and Benefits

Jul 13, 2023

Year after year, thousands of people around the world seek effective weight loss solutions. And year after year, individuals hail products like trending slim teas or celebrated medications like Ozempic, as the new champion. THCv is a rare compound that’s been quietly growing interest in the cannabinoid industry.

It’s been suggested that it can help with focus, and you guessed it- weight loss. THCv gummies and vapes, in particular, have emerged as a noteworthy product in this regard.

But is this really the case? Whether it's in the forms of THCv gummies or vapes, can this cannabinoid really be helpful for weight loss? Read on as we answer questions like “what is THCv?”, explore THCv’s effects, and look into the science behind its potential effects for weight loss.

Key Takeaways

  • THCv may produce appetite-suppressing effects. 
  • THCv is psychoactive, less so than THC. 
  • THCv may be used as an additional holistic instrument for weight loss; it should be paired with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and regular exercise. 
  • Mellow Fellow provides some of the most effective and high-quality THCv vapes on the market.

What is THCv?

what is thcv

Before we go any further, let’s address the first question: what is THCv? THCv, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a minor cannabinoid. One can typically find it in hemp and Sativa cannabis strains.

These can commonly be found in products like THCv gummies, and also in blends with other cannabinoids. Contrary to other popular cannabinoids, it is non psychoactive- it does not make one “high”.

So then, what are this compound’s effects? We’ll explain in the next section.


THCv Effects

Now that we’ve gone over the initial question- “what is THCv?”, let’s explore THCv’s effects. Despite its lack of psychoactivity, it is said to provide users with an energizing, motivating effect. Other reported effects include:

  • Improving cognitive function
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Reducing appetite
  • Reducing inflammation

As this study puts it, “the uniquely diverse properties of THCV provide neuroprotection, appetite suppression, glycemic control, and reduced side effects, etc.; therefore, making it a potential priority candidate for the development of clinically useful therapies in the future.” With these unique characteristics, it’s easy to see why people are gaining an interest in this cannabinoid.

thcv for weight loss scale

THCv For Weight Loss

Now that we’ve taken a look at its reported effects, is THCv a viable option for weight loss? As convenient products like THCv gummies and vapes, some consider it a groundbreaking solution for weight loss. Before drawing any conclusions, it’s important to examine the research and studies. It's also important to take into account how much THCv it take to get one's desired results. We mentioned earlier that this compound may be able to suppress appetite, but how?

Endocannabinoid System and Appetite Regulation

It all starts in the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system in the brain that regulates and controls several bodily functions. These include processes like regulating mood, hunger, learning, sleep, temperature, and more. Within the ECS there are two cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. 

As this article by Frontiers in Neuroscience puts it, “The promotion of CB1 signaling can increase appetite and stimulate feeding, while blockade of CB1 suppresses hunger”. THC use is known to interact with CB1 receptors, which might ring a bell for those familiar with the notorious "munchies" phenomenon. If you've ever indulged in cannabis, you've likely experienced the sudden surge in appetite that accompanies it. It's that irresistible craving for snacks and treats that can be hard to resist. This happens because of THC's interaction with those CB1 receptors in our body.

ECS CB1 Receptors

Where does THCv fit into all of this? Well, according to pharmacological studies, their results “have fostered the view that CBD and THCV modulate the effects of THC via direct blockade of cannabinoid CB1 receptors''. In other words, this compound may turn off our CB1 receptors. So while THC typically increases appetite, these studies suggest that this cannabinoid may actually decrease appetite.

The studies mentioned before definitely explain why many believe that this cannabinoid can help with weight loss, with a study the Journal of Cannabis Research published stating that “THCV decreases appetite, increases satiety, and up-regulates energy metabolism, making it a clinically useful remedy for weight loss and management of obesity and type 2 diabetic patients.”

THCv gummies edibles disposables

What is THCv Vape and How Can it Help with Weight Loss?

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is better known as THCv (or “diet weed”) and is a naturally occurring compound found in certain cannabis strains with unique properties and potential benefits. 

While THCv is a chemical cousin of other well-known cannabinoids like THC and CBD, THCv has a distinct molecular structure that makes it less psychoactive than THC. It might not be as psychotropic as other cannabinoids, but it can also produce feelings of euphoria, energy, and focus. 

THCv has been explored as a potential aid in weight loss. Some studies have shown that THCv may play a role in turning off CB1 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. 

The CB1 receptor is guilty of causing famous cannabis-induced “munchies,” so the shut-down of this may lead to appetite-suppressing qualities and metabolism-regulating effects.

These discoveries have given way to a rising trend in the cannabis industry: THCv for weight loss. While THCv on its own cannot make you lose weight, vaping or eating it may help curb cravings and binging, which can ultimately be helpful when achieving weight loss goals. 

THCv for Weight Loss: Research and Benefits

Tetrahydrocannabivarin is the long name that we know best as THCv, a naturally occurring compound found in some cannabis strains. It’s not as famous as its cousins CBD and THC, but the unique molecular structure sets it apart in effects and potential benefits.

While not psychoactive, THCv has shown promise as an aid in weight loss and weight control. 

Because of its fame as a potential instrument in weight-related therapies, another name for THCv is “diet weed”. THCv has gained this reputation due to its unique effects on the endocannabinoid system, which can affect appetite and metabolism functions.

The ECS (endocannabinoid system), plays a crucial role in regulating a bunch of bodily functions, and when it comes to THCv, it’s been shown to suppress appetite and regulate the metabolism.

The Science Behind THCV & Weight Loss

To understand the potential THCv holds for weight loss, it’s important to look at the science behind these claims. The endocannabinoid system is a main player here, being an intricate network of receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids that regulate and control physiological functions. 

The endocannabinoid system has two main receptors: CB1 and CB2. Research has found that when THCv is introduced into this system, it activates CB1 and CB2 receptors, playing a role in influencing appetite stimulation and food intake, which just might help curb the “munchies”.

The Benefits of THCV for Weight Loss

Because cannabinoids can have a different effect on everyone, there are various ways people use THCv for weight loss and management. Here are the highlights of the potential therapeutic uses of THCv: 

Appetite Suppression

THCv mainly interacts with CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which are known to regulate functions associated with appetite and metabolism.

While you might think that activating CB1 receptors would stimulate appetite, it seems like THCv has the opposite effect. This may help reduce cravings and curb overeating, a valuable asset in any weight loss journey. 

Fat Reduction

While we don’t know the full scale of how THCv may affect weight, it has been studied for its potential to reduce body fat in some patients.

More research needs to be done before drawing any definite conclusions, but findings suggest that THCv’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system may play a role in breaking down fat cells and aiding weight loss.

Metabolism Boost

CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system are intricately connected to the metabolism, which is in charge of (among many other things) burning calories and breaking down fat. THCv may play a role in increasing energy expenditure, which could lead to advanced calorie burning and an overall boost in your metabolism functioning.

How to Use THCV for Weight Loss

If you’re thinking about using THCv as an aid in your weight loss journey, it’s important to know the basics about this cannabinoid and its products.

When looking for THCv products on the market, you’ll probably find one of these three options: vape pens, tinctures, edibles, and capsules. To find the best fit for you, it’s best to research and talk with experts, like a medical professional. 

Vape pens are a popular choice and provide precise dosage control while being discreet and convenient.

On the other hand, capsules and tinctures are an easy way to create habits around your use of THCv, like having some in the morning with coffee or at night right before getting into bed. If you want to have some fun while using THCv, edibles are a delicious way to reap the benefits. 

Always speak to a medical professional about what dosing is right for you. It can vary from person to person, although it’s always best to start with the lowest recommended dose and gradually increase until you find the right balance. A standard dose is around 5mg. 

If you’re combining THCv with other practices to help lose or manage weight like exercise and diets, you’ll want to talk to a healthcare provider before starting off to get some personalized guidance.

While THCv, hasn’t been shown to be dangerous, there are potential side effects to look out for. Like with other cannabinoids, you might sense a dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, or anxiety.

Avoid THCv if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have specific medical conditions.

Benefits of Using a THCv Vape Pen for Weight Loss

Vaping has become a popular way of consuming cannabis products, and it’s no different for THCv. Vapes and cartridges rich in this compound have become popular options for those seeking to complement their weight loss journey with cannabis. But why?

One standout advantage of THCv vapes is the immediacy of the effects. Unlike edibles or tinctures, inhaling THCv from a vape allows for rapid absorption and almost instantaneous effects. Plus, it’s really hard to beat the discreetness and convenience of a vape. 

Another reason to love THCv vapes is being in control of dosage. People vaping can approach this cannabinoid with a controlled and regulated approach, fine-tuning their intake until they match with the perfect dose. 

Using THCv responsibly and wisely may lead to appetite suppression, which can be an aid in achieving weight loss goals and avoiding over-eating and over-snacking.

Best THCv Vape Pen for Weight Loss

Da Vinci’s Forbidden Fruit Clarity Blend 2ml Disposable Vape

Da Vinci’s Forbidden Fruit Clarity Blend 2ml Disposable Vape hosts an impressive mix and match of cannabinoids, with a focus on THCv and an additional blend of Delta 8, HHC, CBD, and CBG. 

The 2ml cartridge is enough to deliver many potent and balanced experiences. The quality distillate showcases a fusion of premium extracts and Mellow Fellow’s commitment to delivering the highest quality products. 

Users have become fans of this vape, with Tracy hailing them as “the most incredible vapes on the market,” adding, “I have tried almost all of these Mellow Fellow painters line and I wouldn’t purchase another brand again!! Whether you like sativa, indica, or a hybrid blend, don’t cheat yourself! Try them all!”

Da Vinci’s Durban Poison Clarity Blend

In the same line, Da Vinci’s Durban Poison Clarity Blend is a testament to quality, with the same blend of carefully curated cannabinoids and a lot of THCv. Durban Poison is the strain, and with potent effects, it’s a great choice for those looking for the benefits of THCv with the kick of psychoactiveness. 

Users love this product, with Jon-Patrick praising the strain: “I love this stuff. The Durban Poison allows me to enjoy consciousness, and bring me in goodness all while managing a busy professional career and family. Great stuff. I'm going to experiment with a few other blends in this line but it'll be difficult to beat how this one's working for me.”

Da Vinci’s Grease Monkey Clarity Blend

Taking the potency of effects to new heights, Da Vinci’s Grease Monkey Clarity Blend is one of Mellow Fellow’s most popular THCv vapes. With a unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes and the presence of the hybrid strain Grease Monkey, this high-quality vape is celebrated for its balanced effects and extra strength.

Users applaud this vape, with Brantley saying it’s “definitely worth the toke” and Cordelia hailing it for “helping wonderfully with my back and joint pain.” If you’re unsure of where to begin in your THCv journey, this vape is a good starting point. 

Charged Blend Live Resin Strawberry Cough Disposable

You can expect the same quality from other Mellow Fellow lines, like the Charged Blend Live Resin Strawberry Cough Disposable

With a robust 4g of a blend of HHC, H4CBD, CBG, and a whole lot of THCv, this blend is designed for those seeking an invigorating and energizing vaping experience to hold off the munchies. 

The high-quality live resin makes for a potent experience at every toque, and the THCv inclusion lets you benefit from the potential benefits it provides. 

Customers love it too. Jordan says, “The other vapes I’ve tried aren’t near as easy to use and get the desired effects as this brand”, while Benjamin confronts Mellow Fellow with a pointed opinion: “All you do is hit amazing home runs, like amazing effects? Check. Amazing flavors and terpenes? Check.”, adding, “this is a great morning pick-me-up.”

Charged Blend Ghost Train Live Resin Disposable

The Charged Blend Ghost Train Live Resin Disposable is another great one in this line. 

The Ghost Train strain is packed with THCv and other cannabinoids, promising a potent and effective experience that’ll have you feeling energized within seconds. Crafted with meticulous attention to using the highest-quality products, this vape offers a safe, delicious, and effective THCv experience.

User reviews are raving, with Britney remarking, "This vape single-handedly ruined all other vapes. The blend of cannabinoids is perfect and the effects are instant and potent.”

Charged Tokyo Live Resin Disposable Vapes

Last, but definitely not least, let’s take a look at our Charged Tokyo Live Resin Disposable Vapes. This distillate is packed with a unique blend of cannabinoids that include THCv, H4CBD, CBG, and HHC, making way for a heady and energetic high that’ll have you feeling pumped. 

Both strains are to die for - Diesel Drift for invigorating effects and Jillybean for a boost when you need one.

Users love the Charged Tokyo line so much that it’s become a staple in some routines. Jennifer swears it’s “great for boosting mood and energy” in the morning, while Edward praises these vapes for “bringing on a relaxed, euphoric, focused drive.”

Tips for Using a THCv Vape Pen for Weight Loss

If you’re thinking about integrating a THCv into your weight loss routine, there are a few things to know. First of all, talk to a medical professional before integrating any cannabinoids into your health routine. 

Once you’ve gotten the go-ahead, begin by assessing how much THCv you actually need: start with low doses and increase until you find that sweet spot. Remember, different body weights, metabolisms, and tolerance levels make this unique to each person.

To find the right routine, try planning its use for a specific time during the day that works with your routine, focusing on times when you’re most likely to binge or overeat. Consistency is key, so allowing your body to adapt and respond to the effects may take some time. 

Here’s a truth to remember: THCv won’t make you lose weight on its own. Instead, view it as a holistic pairing with regular exercise, a well-balanced and nutrient-dense diet, and a focus on health. 

Combining THCv with these habits creates a synergistic approach that aligns with holistic benefits and overall well-being.

Final Thoughts

For years, people have cherished cannabis for various reasons. Some have turned to it to relieve pain and aid with sleep troubles. While others, of course, have used it for recreational purposes.

Traditionally, cannabis has been associated with stimulating appetite. So it’s interesting to see the possibility that THCv may be helpful for weight loss. We’ve gone over questions like “what is THCv?” and explored THCv effects.

We’ve also examined the research behind THCv’s properties. Whether it’s via THCv gummies or vapes, what do you think about the possibilities of using THCv for weight loss?

Let us know in the comments. Stay Mellow.

THCv Vape Pen for Weight Loss: Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a THCv Vape Pen Effective for Weight Loss?

THCv may play a role in shutting down CB1 receptors, which may lead to appetite suppression and metabolism regulation. 

How Do I Choose the Best THCv Vape Pen for Weight Loss?

Choosing from a reputable brand that follows safety guidelines and sticks to high-quality products is important. For example, Mellow Fellow.

Are There Any Trustworthy Reviews or Testimonials on the Effectiveness of THCv Vape Pens for Weight Loss?

Customers have reported that Mellow Fellow’s products are effective in appetite suppression, relaxation, euphoria, and pain reduction. 

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