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"Art is a way to transmit the soul's desires and passions. It's a means of self-expression, a tool for exploring the depths of one's own emotions."

Desire can be a kind of momentum. A kind of hope or courage. Maybe even a source of boldness. Boiled down, desire might be a kind of excess of sensitiveness; but no matter how you cut it, or where you come from, it seems humankind agrees — Desire comes from the heart. Klimt’s Desire blend inspires you to find love in unlikely places!

In his work, Gustav Klimt explored the complex nature of desire and its role in the human experience. Klimt's famous use of gold leaf inspires a sense of mystery and otherworldly beauty — this golden glow, often associated with luxury, sensuality, and wealth, personifies desire. Klimt holds desire itself up to the light, disregarding its fleeting nature, allowing the viewer to bathe in its disco glow and fragmented beauty, forever: a frozen firework in the palm of your hand.

Tetrahydrocannabihexol THCh hemp

What is THCh?

The 6-carbon chain of THCh produces similar effects as ∆9-THC. Chemically, THCh is one compound longer than ∆9, correlating to a longer and stronger high. Sought after for intense feelings of blissful relief and relaxation, THCh is eclectic: perfect for a morning pick me up, afternoon delight, or evening mellow. It’s no wonder why our pharmacists at Mellow Fellow chose it as the cornerstone for Klimt’s Desire Blend.

Who is Gustav Klimt

Born in 1862, in Vienna, Gustav Klimt was an Austrian painter and one of the most prominent members of the Art Nouveau movement. His innovative approach to painting, which combined elements of Symbolism, decorative art, and Rococo represents a departure from traditional academic painting techniques like Romanticism and Realism in favor of a highly decorative style.

This decorative style, which features abstract and ornate designs, constructed using gold leaf, celebrates sensual beauty, imaginative freedom, and the power of human desire. Klimt believed, “that art should be a reflection of life, a celebration of the beauty and passion that surrounds us.” He believed in passion and desire as a kind of energy, and a crucial component of artistic expression. He believed that hidden desires and passions, once incorporated into a project, provided a newfound depth to objective scenes. In this sense, Klimt’s blend of inner and outer landscapes laid the groundwork for expressionists, collage artists, and eventually multimedia designers.

Gustav Klimt the kiss

The Kiss

"The Kiss," is a prime example of Klimt’s fascination with desire. The painting depicts two figures entwined in a passionate embrace, their bodies blending together as they kiss. At first glance, the two lovers appear to be backgrounded by a painted bed of flowers, but as one looks closer it becomes less obvious. One might just as easily see the scene as something surreal: two lovers frozen in desire, like statues in a forgotten garden, where wild flowers have consumed them. Or, perhaps you see them as royalty, their kolidescopic gowns a braid of exotic fabrics and percious gems?

The success of “The Kiss,” exists within these contradictions. Klimt’s visual juxtaposition of realistic figures and flattened ornamental patterns blurs the lines between reality and illusion. In doing so, Klimt discourages the viewer from trying to “understand” the painting, instead turning our focus toward how we feel. With this in mind, we designed Klimt’s Desire Blend for the artist and poet in all of us — for the mystics and seekers pursuing the intersection of unity transcendence.

klimt desire blend

Why Klimt For Our Desire Blend?

In Klimt's work, the idea of desire as a force that transcends the individual self is closely linked to the concept of the sublime. The sublime is a philosophical concept that refers to experiences that are beyond the limits of human comprehension and that evoke feelings of awe and reverence. Through his use of vivid colors, intricate patterns, and sensual compositions, Klimt sought to evoke a sense of the sublime in his viewers.

When our chemists at Mellow Fellow developed the blend we described it as sublime. Desire’s blend of THCh, D11, HHC, D8, CBD, and CBG works as a kind of ejector seat into the sublime — into Klimt’s world. It’s strong, decorative, lightheared, and a colorful ride!

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  • Dynetta March 7, 2023 at 12:16 pm

    you guys just can’t keep up in the store with your products here in SC! It has become my favorite! Bizarre just can’t keep it in stock! 😏✌️😷😎

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