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"Art is a work of passion, but passion needs discipline and focus to turn it into something truly great." — Leonardo da Vinci 

Leonardo da Vinci believed that art and science are inseparable: two parallel branches that grow and flourish together. As an artist, scientist, and inventor he sought to understand and explain the complex systems of the world in the most precise and accurate way possible. He saw beauty and creativity as a way to communicate knowledge and convey emotion, while also recognizing the clarity scientific observation lends to fine art. 

For Leonardo da Vinci, the intersection of art and science was a path to a deeper understanding of the world and the human experience. Indebted to, and inspired by, da Vinci’s blend of creativity and cutting-edge research we created Da Vinci's Clarity Blend. Some say, “art mimics life,” while others argue, life mimics art. Clarity provides the key to noticing that they are inseparable. 

what is thcv

What is THCv? 

THCv is for busy bees, productivity seekers, and disruptors. This makes it the perfect cannabinoid for Mellow Fellows on a deadline, or fellows who need a final push to make that breakthrough or game-changing discovery. THCv is also a proven appetite suppressant, preventing “the munchies” from crashing your creative buzz or interrupting your intermittent fasting schedule. 

THCv is distinct from the common Δ9 because it does produce any type of psychotropic effect. In comparison, THCv promotes increased mental acuity, focus, and productivity! No wonder we chose THCv as the central element in Da Vinci’s Clarity Blend. Paired distinctly with HHC, D8, CBD, and CBG, this unique blend of cannabinoids is the perfect complement to any creative’s pallet or workbench. 

Our premium blends are designed to promote the cross-pollination of unique cannabinoids to more precisely predict user experience and pleasure. Find the blend perfect for you, and then explore our various stains for the flavor that suits your pallet. For our Clarity blend, we’ve selected familiar and exotic strains like Serious Six, Durban Poison, and Kush Mints. So many options, it's hard to think clearly! Try our signature Duo Pack to explore two specific visions of Clarity. 

Who is Leonardo 

Leonardo da Vinci was a multi-talented artist, inventor, and scientist who lived during the Renaissance period. He was born in the small town of Vinci in Tuscany, Italy, in 1452. A true polymath, Leonardo excelled in an astonishing array of disciplines: including painting, sculpture, architecture, engineering, and anatomy. Despite the fact that fewer than 20 complete da Vinci paintings survive today, his notebooks and sketches provide a window into the depth of his productivity and imagination, showcasing his pioneering methods of spatial representation and perspective that persist today.

Moreover, his notebooks display a sense of mechanical inventiveness that was centuries ahead of his time. Sometimes credited as the inventor of the tank, helicopter, parachute, and “flying machine,” da Vinci represents the prototype philosopher king. One of the keys to Leonardo's prodigious productivity was his insatiable curiosity. He was never satisfied with the status quo and was always searching for new knowledge, new ways of understanding the world around him, and new ways of expressing his ideas through his work. 

Despite his genius, Leonardo lived a humble life, isolated in his search for truth of expression. Today, he remains an icon of the Renaissance and a clear symbol of human potential. 

mona lisa

The Mona Lisa 

It is not a stretch to say The Renaissance reached its peak with Leonardo da Vinci. His masterpiece the Mona Lisa (1509) wove art, science, and optical illusion together to set a new standard for artistic expression. In this way, his masterpieces might be considered some of our earliest examples of virtual reality! 

Today, 10 million people visit the Louver every year to see the Mona Lisa’s smile. Inspiring countless interpretations and debates, the subtle elegance and deep mystery of the portrait has captivated viewers for centuries. It is no surprise that da Vinci saw discipline, focus, and passion as essential components of great works of art, and believed that artists must not only be willing to create but also actively apply themselves to their craft. For example, da Vinci placed great importance on productivity, laboring for nearly 16 years on the Mona Lisa. He even dissected human faces to perfect his understanding of anatomy! 

This is because during the Renaissance, artists and intellectuals sought to transform classical ideals of beauty, balance, and harmony. From the very beginning, Leonardo was seen as a master of this new style of painting, and the Mona Lisa as the perfect expression of this new aesthetic ideal. The Mona Lisa's smile, with its subtlety and elegance, became the epitome of this new ideal. 

da vinci delta 8 disposable vape

Why Da Vinci? 

At the forefront of cannabinoid research, Mellow Fellow is devoted to the magical intersection of creativity and science. So it makes sense that da Vinci is one of our guiding lights. Devoting ourselves to the task of innovation we experimented with a proprietary mixture of Delta 8, HHC, CBD, CBG, and THCv to bring you a blend that promotes the kind of focus and productivity aligned with our Renaissance hero. Discover the artist’s remarkable talent, especially his keenness of observation and creative imagination. With da Vinci’s clarity blend find your inner renaissance and uncover your Mona Lisa smile. 

What's your favorite way to find clarity? Let us know in the comments. Stay mellow!

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"Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world." -Leonardo da Vinci


  • Kate Bonny August 26, 2023 at 1:34 pm

    The DaVinci family get me where I need to be. I have 2 bulging discs in my neck. When my neck muscles become tense, the bulges become more pronounced, and my spinal cord gets impinged. This triggers a host of sensations throughout my body including burning, numbness, cold, loss of grip, feelings of insects crawling on me, and urgency related to bladder control. I am a leather crafter by trade, so I must sit for hours as I create my art, and this increases tension. The DaVinci Clarity blend helps relax the muscles, control the rogue neural impulses that cause the painful sensations, and provides the focus I need to continue to create. I have tried other blends and other brands. This is the ONLY product that puts me exactly where I need to be. I use the vape for acute relief, and the gummies to work all day.

  • Bailey June 30, 2023 at 6:23 pm

    Don’t waste your money on this garbage. Everyone who reads this please don’t spend money on this product. It doesn’t charge and it’ll fall apart and leak oil all over you.

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