Live Resin Carts vs. Normal Carts

Oct 31, 2023

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Vaping is one of the most popular and most convenient of all the new ways to get high. Without going through the hassle of grinding your stash or setting up your dab rig – you can now get high with a small device that can fit in your pocket. 

Vape carts are pre-filled with cannabis oil, and knowing what kind of concentrates you are vaping is essential, especially if you prefer to reach an ideal high and avoid getting too high for your own good. 

Although vaping cannabis has been around for quite some time, live resin vape carts are the new buzz! If you ever come across live resin carts while browsing online or at your local weed dispensary and you’re wondering what it is – you stumbled on the right page!

In this article, we will talk about everything there is to know about live resin carts and help you choose whether live resin or normal carts is the best option for you!

Whether you prefer regular or live resin carts, we highly suggest you check out our line of vape cartridges. With dozens of options between normal and live resin carts, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect vape cartridge for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Vape cartridges are a modern way to consume cannabis, and it is one of the most convenient ways to get high anytime and anywhere with the utmost discretion. 
  • Two of the most popular vape carts nowadays are live resin and normal cartridges. 
  • A typical vape cartridge contains cannabis or hemp-derived THC oil in a glass container with a heating mechanism that requires a separate battery to fire the device.
  • One of the key differences between live resin and normal cannabis oil is the extraction process. 
  • Live resin carts differ from normal carts in contents, potency, flavor, and price. 

What are Live Resin Carts?

Live resin carts are cartridges that contain live resin concentrates made from cannabis or hemp plants. The extraction process requires freezing freshly harvested plants to retain various compounds from the original plants. 

Once frozen, professionals make use of chemicals like butane or ethanol to extract the live resin from the plants – which will later be placed in cartridges and sold to the public. Creating live resin requires lab-grade equipment and experienced professionals, making it impossible to recreate on your own. 

Live resin can either be extracted from hemp or cannabis plants. Most manufacturers use hemp because of its legality in most states and the federal government. 

Aside from carts, you can also purchase live resin disposable vapes, which are better and more convenient because they come with a built-in battery – allowing users to use them right out of their packaging. 

Live Resin Carts Benefits

Live resin carts have many benefits. One of the reasons why most users choose live resin vs. distillate is because of its potency, flavor, and terpene content. Here are some of the benefits of live resin carts:

Rich in Flavor

Live resin carts are undoubtedly the most flavorful type of concentrates. The high concentration of terpenes makes them more flavorful and aromatic than other types of carts in the market right now. 

High Terpene Content

Because of its unique extraction process, live resin carts have a higher terpene content, which results in more intense effects and an overall better experience for most users. 

Enhanced Entourage Effect

Containing more cannabinoids and terpenes produces a unique effect, which is known as the entourage effect. Although some hemp carts that contain terpenes and cannabinoids can also produce the same effect, live resin carts do it more intensely. 

Thicker Vape Clouds

If you enjoy blowing thick clouds after vaping, live resin carts will satisfy your cloud-making needs! With thicker oil and more cannabis compounds like terpenes, you will definitely get a more satisfying puff and blow with live resin.

What are Normal Hemp Carts?

Normal hemp carts will usually contain cannabinoids extracted from hemp plants. The construction of these cartridges is just the same as live resin carts, and the difference lies in their contents. 

Although normal hemp carts are not as potent as live resin carts, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have advantages. Hemp carts can also be infused with terpenes and cannabinoids to produce intense psychoactive effects, allowing cannabis enthusiasts to get high legally in most states. 

Advantages of Normal Carts

As mentioned, normal carts might not be as potent as some live resin carts – but they still have advantages that can attract any cannabis enthusiast, such as:


Normal hemp carts are legal in most states because of the 2018 Farm Bill, which separates and defines cannabis from hemp. This law states that all products made from hemp are now legal at a federal level, and these include alternate psychoactive hemp cannabinoids like Delta-9, Delta-8, Delta-10, CBD, HHC, and many more. 

If hemp products are legal in your area, you can purchase products like our live resin disposables and have them delivered straight to you. The legalization of hemp products made it hassle-free to get high in most states.

Health Benefits

Although more research is needed to prove the therapeutic benefits of hemp-derived cannabinoids in normal vapes, anecdotal evidence from user reports states that these cannabinoids may provide pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. 


Without the smell of cannabis, normal carts and vapes containing distillate are a more discreet option to smoke, especially if you want to get high in a public place without anyone knowing. For example, if you get stuck at a place you don’t want to go to in the first place, you can make things more interesting by consuming normal carts. 

Ease of Use

Normal carts contain thinner liquid, which is easier to vape at low voltages. Plus, these cartridges can cause less coughing after every hit, especially if you’re a beginner. Although some pens and batteries work for most types of carts are compatible with most battery options. 


Normal hemp carts might have a weaker terpene profile compared to live resin carts, but they do come in a variety of different strains, strengths, and flavors. 


One of the biggest advantages of regular hemp carts is the price. These carts are a lot cheaper than live resin carts. 

What’s the Difference Between Live Resin Carts and Regular Carts?

The differences between live resin carts and normal carts come down to their contents and how they are extracted from the plant or flower.

While regular cartridges usually contain distillate, live resin carts contain multiple compounds, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids – resulting in a flavorful hit with enhanced effects on the user.

The extraction process of live resin and normal carts make the difference. Because the distillation process for regular carts eliminates most cannabinoids and terpenes, the end result turns into pure THC cannabis oil without the compounds responsible for aroma and flavor.

On the other hand, the unique extraction process of live resin retains these compounds – whether the concentrates are extracted from hemp or cannabis. If the live resin is extracted from cannabis, you can expect a higher potency and more intense psychoactive effects.

However, not all states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana, making live resin from cannabis not readily available in these states. 

On the other hand, If the live resin is extracted from hemp, it could result in a more mellow high, but still more intense than most regular carts with higher THC levels. 

Is Live Resin Solvent Free?

Cannabis tinctures next to cannabis capsules and cannabis leaves on a yellow surface.

The process of making live resin requires the use of solvents and chemicals like butane and ethanol. However, the finished product is solvent-free and has no solvent residue, making it safe for users. 

But before purchasing live resin, you should probably know that the safety of the products depends on the manufacturing process. While some brands have a safe process, others do not show the same dedication because of the lack of regulations from the government regarding cannabis products.

When purchasing live resin and normal carts, you should purchase from brands like ours that do their research and comply with the safety protocols when it comes to extracting live resin from cannabis and hemp plants.

Are Live Resin Carts Stronger than Normal?

Live resin carts can be more potent than normal carts. Although some normal carts like distillate contain pure THC, live resin contains more cannabinoids and terpenes that can have specific effects that make it feel more potent. 

Basically, the potency of a cartridge ultimately depends on the exact cannabinoid potency. Some high-level normal carts can be more potent than hemp-derived live resin cartridges that contain low concentrations of THC. 

However, with terpenes and cannabinoids working together, even hemp-derived live resin cartridges can be stronger than pure THC because of the entourage effect – which has more intense psychoactive effects than normal carts. 

How to Choose Which Cart is Best for You?

Choosing the right cart for you depends on your preference. If you prefer a stronger option, live resin might be your best bet to get a more intense high with every puff. 

For those who are new to cannabis vapes, a normal cart containing hemp-derived cannabinoids may be an excellent choice, especially if you live in a state where the recreational use of cannabis is still illegal. If this appeals to you, check out our regular vape carts, available in single cannabinoids and cannabinoid blend options.

If you want a more authentic experience that is almost the same as smoking actual cannabis flower, live resin is your best bet. If that’s the case, we highly suggest you check out our selection of live resin cartridges

Final Thoughts

Live resin carts and normal carts have many clear differences. However, one is not exactly better than the other. There are some factors that make one preferable for users, depending on their wants, needs, tolerance, and more. 

If you like to vape something that is reminiscent of the potency, aroma, and flavor of cannabis flowers – then live resin carts are the best options for you. If you want something more affordable with almost the same amount of potency, minus the smell and flavor – normal carts will work fine for you. 

The best option will always depend on the user’s preference, and lucky for most cannabis users in the United States, live resin and regular carts with hemp-derived THC are now legal at a federal level.

Live Resin Carts: Frequently Asked Questions

What Voltage for Live Resin Carts?

Buying live resin carts requires you to have a separate battery. Some batteries have the option to switch voltages, and you may wonder what voltage for live resin carts is the right voltage. As a rule of thumb, live resin carts should work fine at around 2.5 to 3.3 volts.

How Long Do Weed Carts Last?

Regular 0.5-gram weed carts last around 80 to 160 puffs, depending on your pulls. Some people do full puffs, which could make you higher – but could also burn more cannabis oil. However, live resin carts contain a much thicker oil, which can give you twice as many puffs.

Do Live Resin Carts Smell Like Weed?

If you are wondering, do live resin carts smell like weed? Well, the answer is that they kind of smell like weed, but not entirely. Although live resin contains terpenes that are responsible for the weed aroma, vaping live resin does not produce a very strong smell compared to burning it – so at some level, live resin carts are still a little bit more discreet compared to smoking weed in public places.

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