How 11 Hydroxy Metabolite Works in The Body

Read this post to learn how 11 Hydroxy metabolite works in the body. THC, which you may know, works as a medicine and an inebriant. Know people who eat too much, too fast and end up feeling terrible? Edibles create a very powerful experience in the body. Even just a bite can send some people off into a tale spin.

  • What makes eating cannabis-infused foods so much stronger than inhaling smokeable cannabis products?
  • What makes eating cannabis-infused foods last longer than inhaling smokeable cannabis products?
  • When THC breaks the blood-brain barrier, what actually happens in the body?

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THC converts into 11 hydroxy metabolite, 11-OH-THC, in the stomach lining. That conversion and the way 11 hydroxy becomes bioavailable gives cannabis edibles their distinctive power.

People smoke, but taking edibles, and in turn, leveraging 11-OH-THC, could be a great smokeless option. 

The potent, sustained effects of edibles mean they may not suit all occasions. However, if you find some free time, perhaps give it a shot.

11 Hydroxy Metabolite

One theory suggests that 11-hydroxy-THC functions as a metabolic byproduct of THC passing through your liver and GI tract. Metabolic enzymes modify or break down the compounds found in the food we eat. This process produces metabolic byproducts less bioavailable than the original molecule. In the case of 11-hydroxy THC, however, the metabolite actually functions more powerfuly than its progenitor THC.

11 hydroxy thc

An early study examined the effects of THC versus 11-hydroxy-THC. Researchers found that 11-hydroxy-THC produced a stronger psychoactive experience than THC when administered intravenously to volunteers in equivalent doses of one milligram each compound.

Oral administration of cannabis produces more 11-hydroxyl-THC than when inhaled. Maybe, just maybe, that explains why cannabis edibles may feel stronger and more psychoactive than an equivalent dose of cannabis that has been smoked or vaped.

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