11 Hydroxy THC: What You Need to Know

Jun 6, 2022

Cannabis consumers are well aware that edibles can have a different experience than smoking. This is a good thing in many ways. Cannabis edibles can last longer and have a stronger, more full-body experience. However, if users aren't prepared for the edible experience, it can be overwhelming. Why does eating a cannabis edible feel different? Let's look at how cannabis edibles feel and what the effects of 11 hydroxy THC, a potent metabolic byproduct are.

How Human Beings Absorb THC

The most common method of administering cannabis remains smoking. Smoking equals the fastest and most efficient method to absorb THC, the main psychoactive cannabinoid compound. THC absorbs through the lungs and enters the bloodstream. It then travels to the brain in a matter of minutes.

delta 11 thc

A cannabis edible, on the other hand, passes first through your digestive system. THC and other cannabinoids eventually absorb in the liver and partially metabolized before reaching the bloodstream and the brain.

New Research on 11 Hydroxy THC Shows Why Edibles "Creep" On Consumers

The process of cannabinoid absorption functions a lot more slowly than smoking. It can take edibles up to 2 hours before they reach full effect. They also last between 4 to 12 hours. Orally ingesting cannabis results in less THC absorption because of the lower bioavailability. What makes edibles so powerful?


One theory suggests that 11-hydroxy-THC functions as a metabolic byproduct of THC passing through your liver and GI tract. Metabolic enzymes modify or break down the compounds found in the food we eat. This process produces metabolic byproducts less active than the original molecule. In the case of 11-hydroxy THC, however, the metabolite actually offers a higher potency than its progenitor THC.

11 hydroxy thc

An early study examined the effects of THC versus 11-hydroxy-THC. Researchers found that 11-hydroxy-THC produced a stronger psychoactive experience than THC when administered intravenously to volunteers in equivalent doses of one milligram each compound.

Oral Administration

Oral administration of cannabis produces more 11-hydroxyl-THC than inhaled products. That explains why cannabis edibles work stronger and more psychoactive than an equivalent dose of cannabis when smoked or vaped.

Cannabis Testing: Take a Look with Confidence

Although edibles remain a safer and more discreet alternative to smoking marijuana, some customers turn away from the intense experience. Relying on guesswork to determine how much cannabis an edible contains sets you up for disaster. Never purchase in an unregulated marketplace. Consumers deserve accurate information about potency. Mellow Fellow customers always puff with confidence using reliable potency testing and labeling.

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