Cyber Monday Sneak Peek: Exclusive Deals

Oct 31, 2023

Get ready to supercharge your shopping experience this Cyber Monday, with exciting Delta 8 weed deals. As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation for unbelievable deals and extraordinary savings is reaching a fever pitch. If you're a Delta 8 THC enthusiast looking for premium quality products, or if you missed the Black Friday weed deals, you're in for a treat. In this guide, we'll help you navigate Cyber Monday, where we'll not only reveal exclusive Delta 8 weed deals but also provide you with expert tips and strategies to maximize your savings. Keep reading to elevate your shopping game and make the most of this extraordinary sales event. 

The Surge of Delta 8 THC & Alternative Cannabinoid

Cannabinoids like Delta 8, Delta 10, and HHC have been taking the hemp industry by storm. Products infused with these cannabinoids, including disposable vapes, cartridges, edibles, and prerolls, continue to gain popularity. As the U.S. navigates evolving marijuana legality, alternative cannabinoid products offer consumers exciting options that cater to changing preferences and lifestyles. Finding products at reasonable prices without compromising on quality and safety can be a daunting task. With Cyber Monday just around the corner, you can find Delta 8 weed deals on high quality Delta 8 THC at jaw dropping prices.

How to Discover the Best Cyber Monday Delta 8 Weed Deals

With all the buzz about premium Delta 8 THC products and significant savings, the question remains: where can you find these special weed deals? Your journey to Cyber Monday shopping starts with Mellow Fellow. We'll be unveiling exclusive deals and promotions that you won't want to miss. You'll discover a wide array of Delta 8, Delta 10, HHC, and premium blend products, from vape cartridges to edibles, all at discounted prices.

Mellow Fellow Cyber Monday Savings

So what exactly does Mellow Fellow have in store for Cyber Monday? You can look forward to saving a minimum of 40% off on your favorite Delta 8, Delta 10, premium blend products, and more. On top of that, when you subscribe to their newsletter, there's even more in store for you, an extra 10% off, maximizing your savings even more. 

Exclusive Weed Deals: Best Selling Disposable Vapes, Edibles & More

If you’re struggling to decide just how you’re going to spend your Cyber Monday funds, allow us to help. With a wide range of cannabinoid, blend, and product types to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Mellow Fellow is gearing up for an unforgettable Cyber Monday event that caters to all your Delta 8 THC needs. From exclusive discounts on premium products to exciting bundles that offer unbeatable value. Not sure where to start? Here’s a look at some Mellow Fellow best-selling favorites that you can get incredible Cyber Monday deals on.

live resin disposable vape

1. Euphoria Miami (i95 Kush) - 1ml Live Resin Disposable Vape 

Inspired by Miami’s vibrant vibe, Euphoria sets out to lift your spirits, giving you a joyous jolt of energy. Live resin elevates this 1ml disposable vape by providing a rich and full bodied burst of flavor with each puff. BUY NOW.

delta 9 cbd edibles

2. Delta 9 Strawberry Rings Bag 800mg

This bag of edibles is formulated with equal parts Delta 9 THC and CBD for balanced, soothing experiences. Don’t be fooled by the delicious strawberry flavor, these edibles are as potent as they are sweet. Each gummy provides 20mg Delta 9 THC and 20mg CBD, totaling 800mg total cannabinoids per bag (400mg Delta 9 THC and 400mg CBD). BUY NOW.

delta 8 hhc disposable vape

3. Da Vinci’s Clarity Blend (Forbidden Fruit) - 2ml Disposable Vape 

A part of the beloved artists’ series, Da Vinci’s Clarity Blend in Forbidden Fruit offers a unique experience you’ll want to revisit. The tropical fruit flavors invite you in for a clear, uplifting journey. At 2ml, this disposable vape makes a great addition to any day. BUY NOW.

hhc h4cbd disposable vape

4. Charged Tokyo (Diesel Drift) - 1ml Live Resin Disposable Vape

Another heavy hitter in Mellow Fellow’s Destination series, the Charged blend brings you Tokyo’s exhilarating energy. Paired with the sativa strain, Diesel Drift, this live resin vape’s earthy, diesel flavors are captivating. This blend elevates your energy levels to new heights, so you can take charge of the day, stress-free. BUY NOW.

delta 8 blend disposable vape

5. Euphoria Blend (Green Crack) - 4ml Live Resin Disposable Vape

Earthy pine and tangy citrus flavors pair with the Euphoria blend to provide a refreshing and invigorating experience. At 4ml, this live resin offers a more potent and flavorful way to enjoy your favorite blend and strain. BUY NOW.

Final Thoughts

Cyber Monday presents a unique opportunity to delve into the expanding world of alternative cannabinoids while also enjoying substantial savings on Delta 8 THC products. We’ve presented you with some of Mellow Fellow’s best selling products to give you a head start on your Cyber Monday selections. As you prepare for this holiday shopping extravaganza, we encourage you to stay tuned for the best Cyber Monday weed deals coming your way. 

Mellow Fellow is committed to providing top-quality products at unbeatable prices, ensuring that your shopping season is both fulfilling and responsible. We wish you a successful and mindful journey as you explore the world of Delta 8 THC during this holiday season, and we look forward to accompanying you on this exciting adventure. Happy shopping, and as always, stay Mellow.

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