Why is My Delta 8 Disposable Not Hitting?

Feb 16, 2024

Woman taking a hit from a disposable vape pen from Mellow Fellow.

Have you ever found yourself eagerly anticipating a satisfying puff from your Delta 8 disposable, only to be frustrated as it’s clogged? All cannabis enthusiasts have been there at some point, wondering why vapes are playing hard to get. 

We’re diving into the ins and outs of why your disposable vape might not work and, more importantly, how to fix it. 

Key Takeaways

  • Prevention is key to minimizing the risk of clogs and flooding. 
  • Delta 8 vapes might stop working due to clogs, condensation, or chamber flooding. 
  • Storing and maintaining your vape correctly is the best way to prevent issues. 
  • Buying a quality vape is the secret to ensuring quality hits. 
  • Mellow Fellow has a line of Delta 8 vapes that suit every price point, need, and wish. 

Why Do Vape Carts Get Clogged?

It’s not uncommon for vapes to get clogged, best described by the good folks at Reddit who have been through it before. There are a few reasons your vape might be on strike, but for practicality’s sake, we’re going through the two main culprits: condensation and chamber flooding.

Build-Up of Condensation

Because both heat and liquid coexist inside your vape, moisture accumulation can happen. When the cartridge fogs up and stops working, humidity might have caused it to plug up. No worries, we’ll get into how to fix it in a minute. 

Chamber Flooding

An overused, wrongly used, or defective Delta 8 disposable might end up with some chamber flooding. This is when too much distillate gets into the heating chamber and clogs up the airflow, causing the vape to sputter and falter. You’re probably wondering - what can I do to fix it? 

How to Prevent Carts from Clogging

If after looking for your vape’s flaws you diagnose it as clogged, fear not. Here are some preventative measures to ensure your Delta 8 disposable stays clear from clogging up the airflow.

Clean Your Mouthpiece

As the gateway between cannabis and your lungs, the mouthpiece of your vape needs constant care. Maintaining it like a smooth, well-paved road will ensure it doesn’t clog up. Regularly wipe down the mouthpiece with a gentle cleaning solution or a cotton swab to keep it gunk-free. 

Take Small Hits

In the world of vaping, size does matter. When it comes to puffing away at your disposable, opt for smaller and more controlled puffs to reduce the likelihood of clogs. Big draws might bring distillate into the chamber or mouthpiece, so take it easy in order to prevent condensation and gunk from building up. 

Take Dry Hits

Dry hits involve taking a drag without firing up your vape, which can be a helpful technique to clear excess condensation and dry out the vape’s internal components. Make sure not to use excess force and give your disposable a breath of fresh air. 

How to Prevent Vape Chamber Flooding

We’ve tackled preventing clogs in your Delta 8 disposable, but that’s not the only culprit for a non-working vape. Chamber flooding is another pesky issue that users often find themselves facing. 

Here’s how to prevent it:

Store Your Vape Upright, Not on its Side

Storing your Delta 8 disposable upright is essential, ensuring that the e-liquid stays where it belongs - in the chamber. Leaving it lying on its side can lead to uneven distribution of e-liquid, causing flooding in the chamber and causing problems down the line.

Check Vape for Leaks

Regularly check your vape for any leaks. If you spot any liquid where it shouldn’t be, see if there’s a way to fix the leak, or go with a professional at a dispensary to see if you can exchange or fix it. Keeping your vape leak-free will keep the chamber from flooding.

Hit Vape Every Few Days to Keep From Clogging 

Even if you’re not a daily Delta 8 user, make sure to hit your vape every couple of days. Regular usage prevents the internal motor from stagnating and reduces the risk of flooding and clogs. Activating it every few days, even if you’re not in the mood for a full vaping session, can prevent the vape from not hitting.

Take Smaller Hits

Once again, size matters. Uncontrolled and strong hits can cause clogging and chamber flooding, overwhelming your vape. Controlling the amount of vapor drawn in keeps the chamber dry and ready to use. 

Check if the Vape is Primed

If you just picked up a new vape, you’ll want to make sure it’s primed before using it. Priming means letting the e-liquid fully saturate the wick, ensuring an even flow of Delta 8 and reducing the likelihood of flooding or burning.

How to Fix a Clogged Vape Cartridge

Woman's hands holding a disposable vape from Mellow Fellow

Now you know why your vape might not be working, but the question remains: how can you fix it? Luckily, we’ve got some simple yet effective techniques that’ll get that Delta 8 disposable working in no time.

Clogged Due to Flooding

Tap and Flick Cart Sides

Hold your vape cartridge firmly and give it a few taps and flicks on the side, not using too much force. This motion might help dislodge any stubborn clogs, allowing the e-liquid to find its place.

Blow Into Your Vape

Rather than inhaling vapor from your vape, try gently blowing into it through the mouthpiece. If there’s any excess liquid clogging up the mouthpiece or chamber, exhaling can clear it (gently blow, don’t puff). 

Fire Up and Try to Take a Pull

After trying these tricks, fire up your vape and immediately try taking a smooth and controlled hit. The combination of heat and airflow might just be what the cartridge needs to be ready to go. 

Clogging Due to Condensation Steps

Take a Hard Pull From the Mouthpiece

If your vape is clogged due to condensation, taking a hard and assertive pull from the mouthpiece might just do the trick. This strong inhale may disperse the accumulated moisture and clear the way for a smoother vaping session. 

Remove Excess Liquid

Condensation can be caused by excess liquid, which is why it’s important to remove any excess you might find. Grab a cotton swab and remove any visible liquid around the mouthpiece and inside the cartridge, ensuring the Delta 8 disposable stays clog-free. 

Remove Lodged Residue Trapped in Vape

Condensation can cause lodged residue in the vape, leading to the need for an inspection. Carefully inspect the cartridge, and if you find any lodged residue, use a thin tool or cotton swab to dislodge and clean it. 

Why Buying a Quality Disposable Vape Matters

Vapes can be sensitive and tricky, making quality the most important aspect when buying a Delta 8 disposable. 

This is why investing in quality matters: 

  • Consistent Performance: Smooth airflow and reliable vapor production aren’t just handy for vaping; they’re also features that prevent the chamber from flooding or clogging. 
  • Longevity: Vapes aren’t the cheapest thing around, so you want something that’ll stand the test of time. Higher-quality vapes are built to last, ensuring you’ll have a cannabic companion for the long haul.
  • Peace of mind: Safety should always be the top priority when using cannabis products. Transparent brands that ensure product safety will allow you to vape with confidence.

Where to Buy Delta 8 Disposable Vapes

If you’re on the lookout for a quality vaping experience, look no further than Mellow Fellow. With a huge selection of Delta 8 and other cannabinoid vapes, it’s your gateway to euphoria and relaxation. Here are some of our favorite vapes:

Mellow Fellow’s Creativity Blend 2ml Live Resin Disposable Vape in Blue Dream is a unique blend that offers the iconic strain and is infused with cannabinoids like HHC, CBD, and Delta 10 for an innovative and artistic experience. The pharmacist-formulated blend will elevate your senses with every puff. 

Mellow Fellow’s Creativity Blend 2ml Live Resin Disposable Vape in Blue Dream

For those seeking a blissful escape, the Euphoria Blend 2ml Live Resin Vape in Strawberry Amnesia is your ticket to ride. The combination of fruity flavors and the energy-inducing strain will leave you in a state of pure joy, enjoying the hemp-derived cannabinoids. 

Mellow Fellow's Euphoria Blend 2ml Live Resin Vape in Strawberry Amnesia

If you’re seeking a dreamlike state that will have you drifting off to bed, the Dream Blend 4ml Live Resin Disposable Vape Granddaddy Purp will get you there. The renowned calming strain will melt away any stress as you enjoy the quality and dreamy allure of this top-notch Delta 8 disposable vape.

Mellow Fellow's Dream Blend 4ml Live Resin Disposable Vape Granddaddy Purp

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that the key to a seamless and enjoyable Delta 8 vaping experience lies in the quality and care of the vape. Mellow Fellow emerges as a key player, offering vapes and the invitation to discover your personal Delta 8 journey. 

A quality disposable isn’t just a device; it’s a gateway to moments of euphoria, relaxation, and inspiration. Ensuring you take care of your device allows you to celebrate each puff for its flavor, craftsmanship, and, of course, the effects. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Delta 8 Disposable Strong?

Delta 8 is considered to be a little less intense than Delta 9 THC, although the effects are similar. 

Are Delta 8 Disposable Vapes Good?

High-quality Delta 8 disposables are good options for those who want an easy and discreet way to consume cannabinoids. 

How Much Does a Delta 8 Disposable Cost?

Mellow Fellow’s diversity in products also means diversity in pricing, leading to accessible and higher-priced items, depending on your wishes and needs. 

Can You Buy Delta 8 Disposables?

You can buy a Delta 8 disposable at Mellow Fellow right now and get it shipped to your front door. 

How Do You Fix a Disposable Vape That Won't Hit?

Cleaning and maintaining your vape to prevent clogging and flooding is the best way to keep your vape in working condition. 

Why is My Disposable Vape Not Firing?

If your vape isn’t working, it may be due to condensation, clogging, or chamber flooding. 

Why is My Disposable Vape Not Working Even Though it's New?

Your disposable vape may be clogged or flooded.

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