What is D10?

Apr 18, 2022

At Mellow Fellow products, our team is proud to provide our clients with the best, highest-quality wellness products to fit the self-care needs of any lifestyle. From vape cartridges to tinctures, edibles, concentrates and syringes, gel capsules, flower (& moon rocks) and more — we've got options for every type of consumer, no matter if you're a seasoned vet or just discovering the amazing potential of hemp-derived compounds. 

We fully believe in the power of education and information when it comes to understanding exactly what you're putting in your body, and everything to do with natural hemp-based wellness. In one of our previous blogs, we talked about the particulars of the
D8 compound. However, there's another compound making waves on the market: D10. Keep reading as we discuss the specifics of this newcomer compound. 

What is D10?

The main difference between the minor cannabinoid D10 (or Delta-10) and D8, is that because D10 is found in much less abundance, it therefore requires a more involved process of extraction than D8, even though both of these compounds are derived from hemp. Like D8, because D10 is derived from hemp, this means that it is federally legal and can be shipped to eligible states (just like CBD!) 

As for its effects — while also considerably less psychoactive than D9, D10 has been shown to exhibit more of an uplifting experience — akin to that of a "sativa" and excellent for daytime use

Erik Paulson, senior analyst at Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs, an analytical cannabis and CBD testing lab with locations in California and Michigan, says he's heard consumers compare delta-10’s effects to sativa cannabis varieties, which are traditionally known for being energizing and uplifting, and delta-8 effects to indica varieties, which are associated with relaxation.

Because this is a relatively newly-discovered compound, there's certainly a lot more research still needed to be conducted in order to know more about it. However, the information out there right now is certainly positive. You may consider trying a combination of our Mellow Fellow D8 and D10 products, to better access the entourage effect

Our Mellow Fellow D10 Product Offerings

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  • D10 Vape Cartridge (10-pack)

Our delicious, consistent, accurately-dosed selections are sure to satisfy your hemp-based wellness needs. Whether you're into crunchy candies, savory chips, lip-smacking sour sweets, or tasty vape cartridges, you can be sure that all of our Mellow Fellow products certainly pack a punch! 

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Here at Mellow Fellow products, our goal is to be your go-to destination for all-natural hemp-derived products. Stay tuned to our blog page for more valuable D8 & D10 content! 

Always consult a physician before making any changes to your health or fitness regimen.

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