Live Resin vs. Solventless

Oct 10, 2023

A Variety of Mellow Fellow Live Resin Products

Live resin and rosin are two different cannabis concentrates. Although many people seem confused and mix these two up, there are clear-cut differences between them – and we will look at their differences in this article.

Knowing the difference between live resin, which is a solvent extract, and other solventless extracts will help you decide the right option for you based on your preference. Keep reading for the full breakdown. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Live resin and solventless live rosin are both cannabis extracts or concentrates that are consumed in the same ways.
  • These concentrates are used to make products like vapes, edibles, and shatter for dabbing.
  • Live resin uses solvents like butanol for extraction, while solventless extracts do not use any chemicals, making them a more natural concentrate.
  • Although solventless seems like a more natural option that does not use chemicals, the safety of the products still depends on each manufacturer. 
  • Both live resin and solventless extracts retain terpenes, but the unique process of creating live resin makes it retain a better terpene profile with more flavors and aromas.

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is an extract that contains a blend of various cannabis compounds, like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Because of its unique process, it retains the compounds from the original plant, making it have the same aroma and flavor that makes it feel closer to home – especially if you prefer smoking cannabis flowers. 

Live resin can be made out of different cannabinoids and ways to consume it, which is why you’ll find products like our live resin disposables, live resin carts, and live resin edibles. 

How is Live Resin Made?

Live resin is made from freshly harvested marijuana or hemp plants. Unlike cured resin, live resin uses the entire plant, including leaves and stems. They are frozen right after harvest, and professionals will use lab-grade equipment and chemicals to extract the live resin from the plants, retaining most of their compounds. 

This process separates live resin from rosin and other cannabis products, like live resin vapes vs. regular vapes.

With hemp-derived cannabinoids being legal at a federal level because of the 2018 Farm Bill, more manufacturers are developing ways to create live resin products. But sadly, because of limited regulations, not all companies do thorough research when making their products – which makes their live resin products unsafe. 

If that is the case, you should only buy live resin products from brands you can trust, like Mellow Fellow and be informed about what you need to know before vaping live resin.  

A jar of live resin

What is Solventless Rosin?

Solventless rosin is known for its purity, as it is made without using chemicals such as butane. It is a potent ambered-colored concentrate made by exposing cannabis to high heat and pressure, separating the resin from the rest of the plant. 

How Do You Consume Rosin and Resin?

Although these two concentrates are different, the ways to consume them are the same. You can consume them directly by infusing them into joints, bowls, or bongs – but the most common ways to consume them are using vape products and water pipes or dab rigs. 

Vaping Solventless Rosin and Live Resin

Live resin comes in a variety of different vape products. You can get them in live resin cartridges, which attach to a separate battery to make them work. The most convenient way to vape live resin is by buying disposable vape products like any of our live resin disposable vapes – which have everything you need to enjoy them right out of the box. Solventless rosin also comes in cartridges and disposable vapes. 

Using Water Pipes or Dab Rigs

Live resin and solventless rosin extracts can also be consumed using a glass water pipe, which is also known as a dab rig. You can consume them directly, but some users prefer to sprinkle extracts on top of cannabis flowers if they are using standard bongs.

If you are looking for vape live resin, we recommend reading our guide on how to use live resin vape cartridges.

How Do You Determine Dosage of Resin and Solventless Rosin Products?

Both live resin and solventless rosin are more potent than other cannabis concentrates, so you might want to monitor your dosage. For vaping, you can start small with one hit at a time.

If you dab these concentrates, you can start with a small amount and observe the high before going for a bigger dab.

Key Differences of Live Resin vs. Solventless Rosin

The main difference between live resin and solventless resin is that live resin uses butane in the extraction process, and solventless resin does not use any chemicals.

Extracting live resin is more complex, which results in more terpenes and cannabinoids for a better high. That said, live resin can be much more potent than rosin.

5 Benefits of Resin Concentrates

Here are some of the benefits of choosing live resin over rosin:


Live resin concentrates are much more potent because of their unique extraction process. If you don’t believe us, you can check it out for yourself by trying our 4ml Strawberry Cough Disposable Vape that will have you feeling charged. 


Because live resin contains more terpenes and retains trichomes, it is more flavorful than our resin disposables. Check out our 4ml Tres Leches Live Resin Disposable as proof!


If you compare live resin vapes over distillate and solventless rosin vapes, the terpenes included can result in a more satisfying high with more balanced highs due to the various effects of terpenes.

Live resin also produces the entourage effect, a phenomenon caused by the various cannabis compounds when consumed together. 

Potential Benefits

If you try vaping live resin vapes, you may experience more benefits than just getting high. Although more research is needed, anecdotal evidence suggests terpenes may have therapeutic effects and help with mood or relaxation. 


As long as these concentrates comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, they are legal in most states and at a federal level. If you live in one of the legal states, you can purchase them and experience getting high legally!

Solventless Rosin vs. Live Resins: Which is Right for You?

The right option for you depends on your preference. Some people like the potency, aroma, and flavors of live resin. In comparison, others prefer the purity of solventless rosin, despite not being as potent as live resin.

Final Thoughts

Live resin and solventless rosin might be similar in some ways, but they are quite different in terms of the extraction process, potency, flavors, and more. Whether you prefer live resin over solventless rosin or the other way around, it is important to purchase products from brands you can trust. 

If you want to experience a good high, you can check out our line of live resin disposables and experience intense flavors with more potent relaxing highs!

Live Resin vs. Solventless: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Live Resin the Same as Solventless?

No, live resin is not the same as solventless. They have key differences, including the extraction process, flavor, and potency.

Can Live Resin Be Solventless?

Live resin might use solvents for the extraction process, but the end result does not contain any solvent residue, making them solventless in a way. 

What is the Difference Between Solventless and Live Rosin?

The main difference between solventless and live resin is that the extraction process of live resin uses solvents like ethanol or carbon dioxide, while solventless uses high heat. 

Why is Solventless Live Rosin Better?

Solventless live rosin is better for healthy cannabis users who prefer a purer extraction process. However, it still depends on the user to determine which option is better for them. 

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