Kentucky House Unanimously Approves Delta-8 THC Regulation Bill

Mar 17, 2023

Kentucky House Unanimously Approves Delta-8 THC Regulation Bill

As new studies are done and research is found on Hemp-derived THC products. Regulating the sale of these products has really come into focus. Marijuana and Hemp laws are constantly changing, state by state. The most recent state in the line of changes is Kentucky. On Thursday, The Kentucky House of Representatives voted to approve a bill on regulating the production and sale of the hemp-derived cannabinoid delta-8 THC in the state. 

House Bill 544, unanimously passed in a 97-0 vote. The Bill will now move up to the state Senate. Lawmakers have heard appeals from school and law enforcement officials to restrict the sales of delta-8 THC. Delta-8 being one of many cannabinoids such as; delta-9, delta-10, and the lesser known delta-11 to name a few. These are all psychoactive compounds that are synthesized from Hemp CBD, which is legal. As the regulation of these cannabinoids and THC in general becomes a major concern for various states, how will this affect the consumer and the industry?

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Affecting The Industry And Consumer

As stated above, lawmakers have heard appeals from school and law officials. These appeals have moved forward the regulation of delta-8 THC to keep them away from the hands of minors. The bill has regulatory guidelines that will ban the sale of delta-8 products to anyone under 21 years old. In addition to the age restriction, the guidelines also state that all delta-8 products be kept behind retail counters and to clearly state the ingredients on the packaging. 

These regulations are praised by everyone involved. Industry leaders, lawmakers, and the public believe HB 544 is a big step in the right direction. HB 544’s lead sponsor, Republican Rep. Rebecca Raymor had this to say

These products have no standards for production. If someone were to purchase Delta-8, they have no way of determining if it is safe. This measure will both protect our consumers and enhance the industry.” 

With the industry growing, there needs to be more regulations and testing on the products to make sure consumers and the public are safe. Making sure consumers can safely take these products is something lawmakers and the industry focus heavily on. Determining the safety of the products through proper testing will help fight the stigma against hemp-derived cannabinoid products. These regulations will benefit the industry immensely. Not only will it keep these products away from minors but also help companies and farmers in the industry.

John Taylor, founder and chief executive officer of hemp processor Commonwealth Extracts in Louisville was asked about HB 544.


“We are all in support of regulations. It gets rid of the bad actors who make it hard to compete,” he said. “It costs a lot of money to do the right thing, and when we have people making things in the bathrooms and basements and barns, it really makes it hard for us to compete on a legitimate level.”


Everyone is on board with the bill passing and for good reason. Not only does it help the industry but also the consumer and general public. Kentucky is just one of many states to join in the regulation of delta-8 THC products. As new bills are introduced throughout various states, we will keep you updated. 


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