Georgia Senate Vote To Ban Delta-8 THC Put On Pause

Apr 4, 2023

Georgia is one of the many states that use Delta 8 THC as a legal alternative to marijuana. As more states move to ban Delta 8 products, Georgia is amongst the line just behind Kentucky and Louisiana. With the emergence of SB 22, lawmakers, industry leaders, and consumers are torn. Many believe SB 22 is necessary to protect the public's health while those opposed think that the bill basically bans Delta 8. In this blog we will go over Georgia’s SB 22 and how it can impact the industry and the public, along with major updates coming out of Georgia. 


What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 can be found in small amounts in both cannabis and hemp plants. Delta 8 possesses psychoactive properties that have euphoric and relaxing effects. There are also many benefits to Delta 8 such as pain relief, anxiety relief, and help with inflammation. When you compare it to standard THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) Delta 9 is much more potent but Delta 8 is much more stable. Making Delta 8 commonly extracted from hemp to create edibles, oils, and concentrates (dabs). Once the legalization of hemp was passed through the Farm Bill in 2018, Delta 8 gained popularity along with other cannabinoids such as Delta 10, Delta 11, and HHC.

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Safety Concerns Behind Delta 8 Bills

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, Cannabinoids like Delta 8 have grown in popularity. As the popularity of Delta 8 grew, so did concerns about Delta 8 products. Various concerns have been brought up throughout the years such as:

  • Marketing that appeals to children
  • No regulated testing
  • Inaccurate Labeling 
  • Containing higher amounts of THC than the legal limit

There are a handful of companies that definitely do not help the cause by showing negligence in production. Industry leaders and the majority take the public's safety extremely seriously. Paying attention to dosage, labeling, packaging, and third party testing are just a few of the many things industry leaders prioritize for safe consumption. The majority of the industry calls for regulation, however, SB 22 does not regulate but rather calls for the ban of Delta 8. 

Georgia Proposed Bill To Ban Delta 8


Georgia has proposed SB 22 which “Would revise a number of provisions relating to the purchase, sale, licensure, and permitting of hemp products.” according to the Georgia Senate Press Office twitter account. 

East Cobb Republican Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick had this to say about her bill (SB 22), which was amended and expanded from a version that many felt like was a ban. “This bill is not a ban,” she said. “It’s simply for us to add a process for protecting the public by testing, labeling, and protecting minors.”

The bill describes requirements for Delta 8 such as testing for consumable hemp products, Setting parameters for level of contaminants, and a ban on selling to people under 21. 

For this amended version of SB 22 a majority of the Senators were supportive. A lot of the Senators also felt like it needed to be reworked to add stricter legislation that would prevent these products from getting into the hands of minors. These revisions were led by Rome Republican Sen. Chuck Hufstetler. Sen. Hufstetler proposed an amendment that would bring the rules from Delta 9 to Delta 8. Lawmakers approved of the amendment in a vote of 32 to 23. 

Once the amendment was approved they then moved to vote onto the newly amended bill as a whole. The bill passed in a 29-26 vote. However, during the vote Sandy Springs Democratic Sen. Josh Mclaurin spoke out against the bill asking “Is it not true that as currently constituted post-amendment, this bill now bans delta-8?”

This raised concerns amongst the rest of the senators. They immediately called for a vote to reconsider the bill in a 28-27 vote, which temporarily shelves the bill. McLaurin said just like him many Democrats supported the bill before the amendment made by Hufstetler. McLaurin had this to say about the amended bill 

“If there’s a clean version of that bill—no pun intended—that can go through, I think Democrats would be broadly supportive of it,” he said. “What we saw was an attempt at the last minute by one member of the majority caucus to basically ban delta-8. Now, there was a dispute on the floor about whether that’s what the amendment actually did, but I think the Republican caucus needs to circle up and figure out exactly what it wants to do.”

As senators come to a stalemate and press pause on SB 22 it gives them time to really clarify the bill. Slowing the process down to make sure they get this right. Is a step in the right direction, regulation is welcomed by the industry. As more updates come through, we will keep you updated and provide you with the latest information and changes.

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