Mellow Fellow's Tranquility Blend - Inspired By Georgia O’keeffe

Mar 22, 2023

At Mellow Fellow we think art’s job is to destabilize, is to confront, is to ask questions. Georgia O’keeffe’s swelling, undulating forms radiate the rhythms and harmonies of the natural world and demonstrate the provocative power of mixing imitative realism and modern abstraction. In doing so, her paintings challenge traditionally harmful binaries like the separation between “the real” versus the imagined, life versus death, and the split between masculine and feminine.

O’Keeffe sought a purely personal means of expression. Whether her work concentrates on landscape, still life, or colorful abstraction, it is as if she has plucked out her own eyes for the viewer to see through. Her vision provokes you to see the beating heart at the bottom of a pile of bones, or the seeds in the bloom of the rose.

The overwhelming sense of peace and tranquility that radiates from her work is the inspiration for our chillest mellow. Introducing O’keeffe’s Tranquility Blend in Pink Rozay: find floral serenity in every puff!


PHC has gained a notable amount of attention lately. We previously dubbed it as Proprietary Hydrogenated Cannabinoid, however the scientific term for it is 4-hydroxicannabidiol, or H4CBD for short. PHC, or H4CBD, is CBD (Cannabidiol) that has had one of the hydrogens at position 4 of the pentyl chain replaced by a hydroxy group, a process called hydrogenation. In other words H4CBD is a hydrogenated form of CBD.

Reported users have noted its prominent therapeutic effects. When combined with other cannabinoids, H4CBD can intensify the overall effects, which is why we used it our Tranquility Blend. Blended together with the perfect amount of PHC, CBN, CBD, and CBG our O’Keeffe Tranquility blend is a ticket to transcend — to enter the baths of serenity and the concerts of harmony!

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Georgia o'keeffe


Recognized as one of the most influential painters of the twentieth century, Georgia O’Keeffe is best known for her beyond-life-size flowers, New York skyscrapers, and New Mexico landscapes.

Born in 1887, O’keeffe grew up with six siblings on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Cultivating her craft from a young age, O’keeffe studied with leading American artists at the Art Institute of Chicago, and Columbia University. Working with Arthur Wesley Dow in New York City in the summer of 1915, she turned her means of expression toward abstraction, making her one of only a handful of Americans and Europeans working in the mode at the time.page1image51204576 

By the late 1920s, O’Keeffe had become one of New York’s most celebrated Modernist artists. Her dedication to gender equality and membership to the National Wemons Party played a central part in the reception of her work; critics and viewers alike flocked to apprise the wild femininity beneath her abstractions. However, O’keeffe refused their distillations of her work, instead arguing that her subject matter spanned the very essence of life.

It was only when O’keeffe spent the fall of 1934 in New Mexico, that she discovered the particular desert setting that would play the perfect muse for her investigation into bodily liberation and artistic expression.

Georgia O'keeffe Summer Days

© Georgia O'Keeffe Museum / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York


O’Keeffe departed from the city after living and painting in New York for over a decade and sought respite in the tranquil desert landscape of New Mexico. Her newfound freedom is manifested on the canvas — most notably in her watercolors: the viewer appears to be suspended in the air, overlooking the sublimity and power of nature. Her iconic paintings revealed the mystery of the Southwest at a time when other American modernists were seeking new expression and a distinctive regional view of America.

In this sense, her work can be seen as a celebration of the quiet, meditative beauty of the natural world, and a testament to the power of art to capture and convey the essence of tranquility. Her Painting, “Summer Days,” depicts a deer skull and a hand-picked flower bouquet suspended above a red desert. They become dreamy and surreal artifacts as they float above the landscape that inspired her attention.

The skull and flowers both inspire meditation and act as reminders of a larger world. “Summer Days” works a kind of contagion magic on its viewers, standing over three feet tall, it asks: what do we take with us from a place? And with what ambiguous allegiances did we arrive?

With her harmonious combination of vibrant colors and revolutionary layers of compositions, her paintings glow with not only the brilliance of life but also the energy of O’Keeffe herself.

tranquility blend


In an art world dominated by men, O’Keeffe was an unprecedented artist. She broke away from the machine age, inspiring modernists with a new direction for art making. Moreover, she questioned the male gaze, consequently sketching a new modern identity for women while promoting the development of American abstraction. O'Keeffe’s imprint on modern art is immeasurable. Her sixty-year career, was legendary, even as it was made difficult by the lifelong health crisis that plagued her.

The Georgia O’Keeffe Tranquility Blend is our go-to for finding respite in the creative storm. Ideal for the wind-down, the meditation session, or the landscape retreat. Whether you choose to enjoy peaceful Tranquility in the White Buffalo disposable vape, Og Kush rerolled joints, or Pink Rozay vape cartridge, you can't go wrong. The tranquility blend is dedicated to O’keeffe’s way of seeing the world: through rose-colored glasses, with a bird's eye view.

Stay safe and stay mellow.We are proud to be featured on Leafly.

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