Does CBD Help with Focus?

May 3, 2024
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If you feel like you have trouble focusing and concentrating regularly, then you aren’t alone. Sure, creating a quiet space for you to work in that’s free of distractions is a good start, but that only goes so far.

There are supplements and natural substances that may help with focus and concentration, and yes, CBD shows some potential on this front. CBD or cannabidiol is the primary non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis, which means that it should in no way get you high.

However, mounting data suggests that CBD could have an array of mental and physical health benefits, with an increased ability to focus and concentrate being one of them. Today, we’re here to provide a complete guide on whether or not CBD helps with focus.

Of course, we aren’t here to make any medical claims or suggest CBD as a treatment for a medical issue, but we can present you with an unbiased view of all of the facts and anecdotal evidence surrounding CBD and focus.  

Key Takeaways

  • CBD or cannabidiol is the primary non-psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp and cannabis.
  • Trouble focusing may be a result of a lack of sleep, anxiety, poor mood and energy levels, and more.
  • CBD shows great potential to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety, to improve mood and energy, to improve sleep, and possibly even to enhance overall cognition.
  • CBD for focus comes in gummies, tinctures, oils, and capsules, among others.  

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Can CBD Affect Concentration?

CBD is thought to have a variety of health benefits, with assisting in concentration and focus being one of them. Indeed, based on all of the research that we’re about to present you with below, there is a real possibility that CBD can help you stay focused much better.

This is true on many fronts, as focus and concentration are reliant on a variety of factors. Below, we’ll discuss how CBD has the potential to boost energy and mood, to improve sleep, reduce pain and anxiety, and enhance cognitive function, which in turn may lead to improved focus.

What needs to be kept in mind is that much of the research is preliminary, which means that it’s not 100% definitive, there are many studies that show promising results as far as concentration and memory are concerned.

Although there is more research required, according to the experts at Harvard Health, CBD shows potential for treating sleeplessness, pain, and symptoms associated with anxiety. Other preliminary studies also indicate that CBD may have benefits on the front of mental clarity and sharpness.

Also worth noting is that a World Health Organization committee on CBD found that there was no evidence of CBD abuse and that it is non-addictive, with Harvard Health finding that CBD is generally safe and has minimal side effects.

Thanks to its non-addictive and minimal-side effect nature, combined with all of the research we’re about to look into, CBD has great potential for improving focus and concentration levels.

5 Benefits of Using CBD for Focus

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There are several ways in which CBD may be able to help improve focus and concentration, and it all starts with your mood and energy levels.

Boost Energy and Mood

One of the ways that CBD is thought to be able to help improve focus is by improving overall mood. CBD has the potential to improve your mental state and may be linked with dopamine release, with dopamine being closely related to feelings of motivation, pleasure, and reward.

According to current research, the use of CBD may be able to induce an acute dopamine increase, which would therefore improve mood and mental state.

There are a variety of studies, including preliminary animal trials, which indicate that CBD may have a beneficial effect on symptoms associated with depression.

Further research indicates that CBD may increase brain-derived neurotrophic factors in the prefrontal cortex, which is associated with an elevation in mood. To be clear, mood is directly associated with your ability to pay attention to any given task.

That said, there is a lack of current research to prove that CBD directly increases energy levels. That said, dopamine’s ability to improve motivation may give you the energy to hunker down and focus better. 

Some users report taking CBD in the morning to help them focus better throughout the day. In terms of overall energy levels, as you’ll see below, CBD may be able to improve the quality of your sleep, which would lead to higher energy levels.

Improved Sleep

Another way in which CBD may be able to help promote better concentration and focus is by improving your sleep. Whether this is due to CBD acting directly as a sedative, or indirectly by improving your mental state remains to be proven definitively.

However, there is plenty of research that suggests CBD in higher doses can improve sleep, such as this study which indicates that a dose of 160mg of CBD increased the duration of sleep. CBD may also play a role in reducing the body’s release of cortisol, a stress hormone that can keep you awake.

Simply put, when you feel stressed out, sleep is difficult, and a reduction in stress is directly linked with improved sleep. Well, this study indicates that doses of CBD ranging from 300 to 600mg showed promise in reducing cortisol levels, thus reducing stress, and showing potential as a sleep aid.

Yet another piece of research indicates that CBD may increase the duration of sleep, although this same study also suggests that this may be at the sacrifice of cumulative memory consolidation during sleep.

However, based on all of the evidence provided, it appears as though CBD has great potential to improve sleep, and better sleep leads to higher levels of focus.

Pain Reduction

Pain may be a physical factor, but it’s also related to focus and concentration. There are many studies and pieces of research that indicate that chronic pain and other forms of pain can decrease a person’s ability to focus and concentrate.

In other words, focusing on writing that paper isn’t easy when you’re in constant pain. According to the Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute, people with chronic pain often report a loss of attention, memory, and concentration.

In terms of its potential to reduce pain, there are some preclinical trials that have been performed that indicate that CBD has potential as an analgesic. This means that it may be able to relieve painful conditions by blocking pain signals from reaching your brain, reducing your perception of that pain.

There are also further studies that show that CBD may have anti-inflammatory benefits, and can possibly relieve various types of inflammation that cause pain, indirectly reducing pain levels.

In both in vitro and in vivo cases, CBD was shown to potentially exhibit anti-inflammatory properties. What it comes down to is that people who feel better physically also tend to perform better mentally.

Anxiety Reduction

One of the most common complaints among people who suffer from anxiety is that they have trouble concentrating and focusing.

Indeed, anxiety is linked to a decreased ability to focus, remember, and learn. In layman’s terms, concentrating on any task that requires focus is immensely difficult when your mind is racing.

As far as CBD is concerned, there is evidence which suggests that it may be useful as an anxiolytic, or in other words, a substance with the potential to relieve symptoms associated with anxiety.

This trial demonstrated that people who took between 300 and 600mg of CBD showed less anxiety when confronted with a public speaking task, with public speaking being one of these things that causes many people anxiety.

It is believed that the potential reduction in anxiety-related symptoms when using CBD may have to do with its effect on GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid.

Although there is more human research required, it would seem that CBD may increase GABA levelsHigher GABA levels are directly associated with lower decreased anxiety symptoms. It’s clear that CBD has potential as an anxiolytic.

Regular users of CBD do seem to agree that it can lead to greater levels of focus, with many noting that it promotes a sense of calm.

Cognitive Function Enhancement

Although more research is required, it appears as though CBD may be able to improve overall cognitive function, which includes focus and concentration.

This particular study, which took neural images of patients using CBD, indicates that cannabidiol may improve performance in cognitive tasks.

While there may be some studies that indicate that CBD has no direct impact on working memory, there are also others that indicate that CBD may be able to improve cognition in those suffering from various forms of cognitive impairment.

However, research on this front is mainly preliminary, and much is based on anecdotal evidence, although there is great promise as an alternative to other options like taking vitamins for focus. 

How Much CBD Should I Take for Focus?

The jury on how much CBD you should take for focus is out. As you can see from some of the studies listed above, some common doses range from 300 to 600mg, especially when taken in an attempt to treat symptoms associated with anxiety and depression.

However, remember that everyone is different, and research shows that most people can easily tolerate up to 1,500mg without adverse effects.

Some people may tolerate it better than others, and some may need more than others to achieve the desired effects. Therefore, it’s recommended to start slow, with between 20 and 40mg, and see how you react. You can always increase the dose from there.

CBD Products to Improve Focus

CBD sounds like something you'd like to try in an attempt to improve your focus and concentration, then there are various types of products for you to try.


CBD oil is one of the most common types of CBD products, and it's really convenient. The reason for it is because CBD oil can be applied sublingually, which means placing it directly under your tongue, in which case it absorbs into your system really quickly.

However, CBD oil is also extremely versatile because you can add it into a variety of baked goods, into your cooking, and into a variety of drinks such as smoothies.

Closely related to CBD oil is the CBD tincture, with tinctures being made with high proof alcohol as opposed to oil. However, the effects are generally very similar. If you’d like to try a CBD tincture, these Mellow Fellow 1500mg CBD Berry and Mint Tinctures might be right up your alley.

Mellow Fellow Wellness Berry Tinctures

CBD Edibles

If you’re looking for a slow and sustained release of CBD to potentially improve your focus all day long, then edibles are worth looking into. Due to the nature of edibles, they can take a while to kick in, but they also last for quite some time. 

A good dose of CBD in the form of a chocolate, lollipop or gummy can easily last all day, which might be just what you need to get through any lengthy task at hand.

The trick is finding the right dose for your needs. If you’re interested in CBD edibles, take a look at our Mellow Fellow 100mg and 1,500mg Momentum Blend Tropical Medley CBD Gummies.

Mellow Fellow Momentum Blend Gummies

CBD Capsules

CBD capsules and soft gels are always worth considering too. The reason for this is because they are intuative. The big benefit of CBD capsules is that they are very accurately dosed, so you know exactly how many milligrams you’re getting with each capsule.

It’s ideal for people who need to know just how much CBD they are taking down to the milligram. Just pop as many as you want into your mouth and swallow. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Our Mellow Fellow CBD Softgels are always a fan-favorite!

Mellow Fellow softgels

Why Choose Mellow Fellow to Support Your Routine?

In case you’re wondering why Mellow Fellow should be your go-to option for anything CBD and more, the reason is simple, because our products are the highest quality.

They’re made with CBD sourced from California, Colorado, and Kentucky, and all products are third-party lab tested for both safety and legal compliance. The sheer variety of products available at Mellow Fellow is rather impressive as well!

Does CBD Help with Focus: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take CBD for Focus If I Have a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you must first consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplements or substances, including CBD.

Is Indica Or Sativa Better For Concentration?

Based on what users have to say, indica strains tend to be more sedating, whereas sativa strains are more energizing and uplifting. Remember that the terpenes found in cannabis can have certain effects too! 

Does CBD Reduce Brain Fog?

Some users note that using CBD may improve mental clarity, but this is purely anecdotal.

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