Black Friday Delta 8 Bundles Gift Guide

Oct 25, 2023

From the moment a single leaf changes from green to orange, it’s clear that fall is upon us. But what does this change really signify? Pumpkin Spice lattes right? Well, not quite. It means the holiday season and shopping is around the corner. You may think you have time, but let’s be honest- “I have time” is really just another way to say you’ll end up in a stress-inducing, last minute shopping spree the day before.

Save yourself the hassle (and anxiety) of holiday shopping by taking advantage of Black Friday weed deals. We’ve put together a collection of intentional Delta 8 blend bundles that’ll cater to various moods, vibes, and preferences. Keep reading as we walk you through the perfect gift ideas for the Delta 8 enthusiasts in your life.

Disposable Vape Bundles - 2 Pack 2ml 

If you have a disposable vape lover in your life (and yes, you count too), then the following bundles will be right up your alley. They include 2 individual 2ml disposable vapes that are pre-filled with specialty blends for tapping into tailored experiences. 


1.The Zen Bundle 

For the Person Who Needs Serenity

Pairing the Tranquility blend (in the White Buffalo strain) and Recover blend (in the strain Jungle Cake), the Zen Bundle is truly as relaxing as the name entails. With the demands of everyday life and the stress that comes along with the holiday season, this is the perfect gift for that person in your life who deserves to relax. Get the Zen Bundle here.

  • Tranquility blend (White Buffalo): The Tranquility Blend takes your senses on an exclusive journey to inner peace and ultimate serenity so you can reach the epitome of relaxation. 
  • The Recover blend (Jungle Cake): is a Delta 8 blend disposable vape that will take you on a journey to rejuvenation. Enjoy a relieving sense of calm in the Jungle Cake strain with the Recover blend

2. The Go-Getter’s Bundle

For the Ambitious and Energetic

For those who thrive on ambition and are always on the go, the Go-Getter's Bundle is the ultimate gift. This bundle pairs up the Clarity blend in the Forbidden Fruit strain with the Motivation blend in the Tangie strain. With two distinct Delta 8 blend disposable vapes, this bundle is designed to fuel your inner drive and ambition, helping you unlock one’s full potential. Click here to grab the Go-Getter's Bundle

  • Clarity blend (Forbidden Fruit): The Clarity blend vape opens with fruity and tropical flavors of the Forbidden Fruit strain. As the effects settle in, it encourages a state of clear-headedness, perfect for tackling tasks with precision and focus.
  • Motivation Blend (Tangie): The strain Tangie introduces bright citrusy notes from the very first hit to awaken your senses. The Motivation Blend is designed to provide an energizing and uplifting experience and infuse each moment with motivation, igniting your inner drive and enthusiasm. 

3. The DIY Bundle

For the Creative and Productive 

Just in time for the holidays, the DIY Bundle invigorates your inner creativity and can-do attitude to get things done, while providing that much needed energy boost. This set comes with the Creativity blend in Golden Goat and Charged blend in Wedding Crasher for a dynamic combination of two Delta 8/HHC blend disposable vape formulations. This bundle is tailor-made to elevate your DIY game. Shop the DIY Bundle.

  • Creativity (Golden Goat): Golden Goat is a delight to the senses in this Creativity blend vape. Its earthy base is complemented by citrus flavors while it helps you step into a world of inspiration. Whether you're an artist, a thinker, or a creator, this blend is your muse for bringing your ideas to life.
  • Charged (Wedding Crasher): On the flip side, the DIY Bundle also includes the Charged blend in the Wedding Crasher strain, engineered to provide an energizing and focused experience. This blend keeps you charged up throughout your tasks, making it the perfect choice for DIY projects that demand energized creativity.  

4. The Date Night Bundle

For An Extra Touch Of Romance

When you want to kindle the passion and create unforgettable memories during your special evenings, The Date Night Bundle is the ideal gift. This collection offers two Delta 8 blend disposable vapes tailored to enhance your special moments. This carefully curated collection has been thoughtfully designed to transform your cherished moments. It's more than just a gift; it's a gateway to experiences that linger in your memory. Gift the Date Night Bundle today. 

  • Desire Blend (Acapulco Gold): Acapulco Gold’s warm, earthy flavors elevate the Desire blend, transforming experience into something truly remarkable. These rich, earthy notes unfold like a comforting embrace, inviting you to savor every moment. It invites you to savor the beauty of connection, wrapped in the comforting embrace of Acapulco Gold's warm, earthy essence.
  • Euphoria Blend (Strawberry Amnesia): In the world of the Euphoria Blend, Strawberry Amnesia reigns supreme with its sweet, strawberry undertones. As you indulge in the smooth and uplifting effects of Strawberry Amnesia, you'll find yourself ascending to new heights of euphoria and delight.  

5. The Cozy Collection

For Those Who Want Peace, Always

We all have that one friend who does not like going out. Or perhaps you’re that friend. Either way, we’ve found the perfect gift for that person. Welcome to the tranquility and comfort of The Cozy Collection- a curated pairing of Delta 8 blend disposable vapes designed to create a cocoon of serenity and relaxation. This unique bundle pairs the Introvert blend (AK-47) with the Dream blend (Double Dream) to help you create your own peaceful sanctuary. Check out the Cozy Collection here. 

  • Introvert Blend (AK-47): The Introvert blend allows you to embrace deep introspection, and a sense of inner peace. Its subtle earthy notes soothe the senses, making it the ideal companion for those quiet, cozy moments. Its subtle earthy notes soothe the senses, further helping you embrace the art of relaxation and making it the ideal companion for those quiet, cozy times when you want a break from life’s hectic demands. 
  • Dream Blend (Double Dream): The Dream Blend envelops you in a calming and dreamy haze, crafted with the gentle Double Dream strain. It lulls you into a state of serenity, so you can drift away on clouds of relaxation. Its ethereal flavor profile adds a touch of enchantment. 


Disposable Vape + Edible Bundles 

If you’re looking for a wide range of delightful experiences, these disposables & edible bundles provide a combination that's both unique and versatile. Each bundle includes a 2ml blend disposable vape and a bag of blend edibles, allowing you to explore a wide spectrum of flavors, effects, and tailored moments.

For The Delta 8 Lover With a Sweet Tooth

1. The Clarity Fruit Bundle

  • Forbidden Fruit 2ml Disposable Vape & Clarity Fruit Punch Edibles

In the world of clarity and precision, The Clarity Fruit Bundle emerges as a beacon of focus and alertness. This exclusive package pairs the renowned Clarity Blend with a Forbidden Fruit 2ml Disposable Vape, and adds a dash of sweet indulgence with Fruit Punch Edibles. Forbidden Fruit transports you to a realm of tropical flavors. This sweet and citrusy blend awakens your senses and sets the stage for heightened clarity. This bundle serves as the perfect gift for those who appreciate the balance between elevated focus and delightful effects. Shop the Clarity Fruit Bundle

2. The Creativity Fruit Bundle

  • Blue Dream 2ml Disposable Vape & Creativity Fruit Punch Edibles

The Creativity Bundle features a 2ml Blue Dream Disposable Vape with Fruit Punch Edibles, culminating in an experience that awakens your inner artist. The Blue Dream strain, known for its berry-like sweetness and earthy undertones, takes center stage in the vape, inspiring your creativity and innovative thinking. Meanwhile, the Fruit Punch Edibles fuse an array of fruit flavors, resulting in a burst of tropical sweetness. Whether you're brainstorming or simply seeking inspiration in the everyday, this bundle opens the door to a realm of creative possibilities.  Shop the Creativity Fruit Bundle

3. The Dream Fruit Bundle

  • MK Ultra 2ml Disposable Vape & Fruit Punch Edibles

The Dream Fruit Bundle gives a fresh meaning to sweet dreams. Ideal for those in need of deep relaxation, MK Ultra’s blend of earthy undertones and subtle hints of pine, create an atmosphere of serenity as you inhale. To enhance your journey, we've included the Dream Blend Fruit Punch Edibles, with each bite delivering a burst of tropical sweetness. This bundle is the ticket to dreams beyond the ordinary, guiding you to a realm of tranquility.  Shop the Dream Fruit Bundle.

4. The Euphoria Fruit Bundle

  • Strawberry Amnesia 2ml Disposable Vape & Fruit Punch Edibles

The Euphoria Fruit Gift Bundle features a Strawberry Amnesia Disposable Vape and Fruit Punch Edibles. The Strawberry Amnesia strain beautifully dances between the sweetness of ripe strawberries and subtle earthy notes, creating an experience that is both fruity and profound. It’s paired with our Fruit Punch Edibles, which blend a variety of sweet, tropical fruit flavors. Talk about satisfying a sweet tooth. This fruit flavored pair will transport you to a state of mind where happiness knows no bounds. Gift the Euphoria Fruit Bundle and let the good times roll.

For The Delta 8 Enthusiast Who Craves Sour Delights

1. The Clarity Sour Bundle 

  • Grease Monkey 2ml Disposable Vape & Clarity Sour Mix Edibles

When it comes to blending the pleasures of taste with the joy of a focused mind, The Clarity Sour Bundle knows how to strike the perfect balance. This exclusive bundle pairs a Grease Monkey 2ml Disposable Vape with the Sour Mix Edibles. The Grease Monkey strain is a symphony of rich earthiness and subtle sweetness. Complementing this delightful journey are the Sour Mix Edibles, a delightful mix of sour and sweet. Overall, the Clarity Sour Bundle enhances concentration for a focus that clears up any mental fog. Clarity allows you to take control of your day with ease. Find the Clarity Sour Bundle here. 

2. The Creativity Sour Bundle

  •  Golden Goat 2ml Disposable Vape & Creativity Sour Mix Edibles

This bundle is ideal for tapping into one’s imagination for fresh, new ideas. It’s helpful for brainstorming sessions and overcoming creative blocks with ease. Featuring the legendary Golden Goat strain, this 2ml Disposable Vape introduces a unique blend of earthy and tropical notes that invigorate your senses and leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. Accompanying the vape is the Sour Mix Edibles, an enticing ensemble of gummies that bring together the best of sour and sweet. This combination is engineered to set your imagination on fire, providing you with a burst of inspiration. Get inspired with the Creativity Sour Bundle.

3. The Dream Sour Bundle 

  • Sunset Sherbet 2ml Disposable Vape & Sour Mix Edibles

For those who seek to indulge in the extraordinary, The Dream Sour Bundle opens up a world of tangy dreams. This package unites a 2ml Sunset Sherbet Disposable Vape with the Sour Mix Edibles, resulting in an experience that is both surreal and delicious. Sunset Sherbet delights the palate with a blend of sweet and citrusy notes. The accompanying Sour Mix Edibles add a tangy zing to your journey, awakening your senses and intensifying the dreamlike experience. The Dream Sour Bundle is ideal for late-night escapes into the world of dreams. Tap into the Dream Sour Bundle today.

4. The Euphoria Sour Bundle

  •  Green Crack 2ml Disposable Vape & Sour Mix Edibles

The Euphoria Sour Bundle is designed to provide an electrifying, uplifting, and blissful experience. This exclusive bundle features a 2ml Disposable Vape in Green Crack, a crowd-favorite strain. Each puff reveals a harmony of zesty citrus notes and earthy undertones for an invigorating and dynamic taste. To complement this remarkable journey, we've included the Sour Mix Edibles, masterfully blended to heighten your journey into the euphoric realm. Shop the Euphoria Sour Bundle here.

Final Thoughts

While it’s tempting to go gift shopping at the last minute, Black Friday and Cyber Monday weed deals offer the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the holiday shopping game. These convenient and thoughtful gift bundles take the stress out of coming up with gift ideas for the stoner in your life. Mellow Fellow's premium blends allow you (or a loved one) to embark on distinct journeys through unique and delightful encounters. 

From the invigorating Clarity Blend to the tranquil Cozy Collection and the passionate Date Night Bundle, there's a Delta 8 blend for everyone. Whether you're seeking focus, relaxation, or simply a burst of creativity, these bundles have been thoughtfully curated to elevate your Delta 8 experience. With quality, transparency, and your satisfaction as guiding principles, find the perfect blend with Mellow Fellow. 

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