Mellow Fellow - Basquiat’s Motivation Blend

"Art should be a manifestation of raw energy, a reflection of the pulse of life itself." - Jean-Michel Basquiat

At the heart of Basquiat's work is a deep fascination with energy in all its forms, from the raw physical energy that drives human behavior to the more intangible forms of energy that shape our thoughts and dreams. Known for his meticulous attention to detail, his relentless work ethic, and his willingness to experiment, he labored tirelessly to create a body of work that would challenge and inspire audiences.

Introducing our Jazziest Mellow, Basquiat’s Motivation Blend taps and combines our most distinctively invigorating cannabinoids for our most inspired blend. Dedicated to disruptors, creators, and party people alike. Find what motivates you!


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HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is similar to Delta 9 THC as it produces similar stimulating and therapeutic effects. However, Researchers have found that HHC produces a stronger and longer-lasting psychoactive experience than THC. Please read this article to learn more about HHC. 


PHC, or H4CBD (4-Hydroxycannabidiol) is mildly psychoactive. Studies show when combined with Delta 9 THC or other psychoactive compounds, the high is enlightened, relaxed, and funny. While PHC is on the lower end of the spectrum as far as psychoactive strength, it interacts with other psychoactive cannabinoids, like the HHC in Basquiat’s Motivation Blend, to increase their potency. Another upside to PHC is its effect on pain relief, diminishing anxiety, and lessening inflammation.


CBG, cannabigerol, is the strongest anti-inflammatory cannabinoid. It works miracles with pain relief and has been shown to inspire increased energy.


Jean-Michel Basquiat was a pioneering artist and social commentator whose work combined elements of graffiti, punk rock, and classical art to create a powerful visual language that spoke to the wider cultural landscape of the late 20th century. Basquiat's drive was fueled in part by his experiences growing up as a Haitian-American in Brooklyn in the 1960s and 70s. He was deeply influenced by the hip-hop and graffiti culture that surrounded him, and he saw art as a means of expressing his identity and his ideas about race, culture, and society.


1. His use of symbols and text:

Basquiat was known for incorporating a wide range of symbols and text into his work, drawing from sources as diverse as African masks, corporate logos, and ancient hieroglyphs. These symbols were often layered and juxtaposed in unexpected ways, creating a sense of tension and complexity in his work.

2. His expressive, gestural style.

Basquiat's paintings were characterized by bold, sweeping brushstrokes, dynamic lines, and splatters of paint. This gave his work a sense of raw energy and immediacy as if the images were bursting off the canvas. Moreover, his bold incorporation of everyday material gave his paintings a tactile, larger-than-life quality. Basquiat often incorporated found materials such as doors, windows, and scraps of wood into his work. This approach reflected his desire to make art that was accessible to a wide audience.

3. His engagement with social and political themes.

Basquiat's work often dealt with issues of race, power, and identity, reflecting his own experiences as a Haitian-American growing up in Brooklyn. He used his art as a means of commenting on and critiquing the world around him, and his work remains a powerful reflection of the cultural and political landscape of the 1980s.

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Despite his success, Basquiat remained driven and focused throughout his life. He continued to create new works and push the boundaries of his art, even as he struggled with addiction and other personal challenges. He said, “I believe that the key to great art is to channel your energy into your work, to let it flow freely and without reservation." It is with this sentiment, that we most empathize with Basquiat. No matter the obstacles he was motivated to conjure his vision of our world.

Sometimes it takes two to conjure. Sometimes motivation is found in wild places. Basqiuat’s Motivation Blend, our Jazziest motivator, is the perfect pick-me-up for those destined to fly. Which of Basquiat's pieces resonates the most with you? Let us know in the comments. Stay safe and stay mellow.

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