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Have you ever had a dream that felt so surreal and bizarre that it could have come straight out of a painting by Salvador Dali? Well, if you're a fan of the famous Surrealist artist, you'll be thrilled to hear that Mellow Fellow has created a cannabinoid blend inspired by Dali's unique style and vision. Our Dali’s Dream Blend is an expertly curated combination that’s the perfect representation of Dali's impact on the art world and his ability to capture the strange, dreamlike quality of the human subconscious. Whether you're a seasoned Dali fanatic or simply looking for a mind-bending experience, Dali’s Dream Blend is sure to be a hit. Keep reading to learn more about Dali and why he embodies this blend perfectly.

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What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid found in hemp and cannabis plants. It is similar to THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that is responsible for its psychoactive effects, but has milder effects. Delta 8 THC may have potential therapeutic benefits, such as improving sleep and reducing anxiety. According to a study from the Journal of Cannabis Research:

“Participants’ responses containing this theme included: ‘Delta 8 feels like Delta 9’s nicer younger sibling’; ‘It has all the positives and many fewer drawbacks/side effects. It is less impairing and much less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia. It has much milder to nonexistent aftereffects.’ ”

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What are Mellow Fellow Premium Blends?

At Mellow Fellow, we are deeply passionate about both art and science. This passion is reflected in our commitment to cannabinoid research and our efforts to bring innovative, high-quality products to this field. With in-house PhD Chemists leading our formulation, we are dedicated to exploring the potential of cannabinoids to improve people's lives. We believe that the intersection of art and science is a powerful place, which is why we’ve paired an artist with each of our premium blends. We’ve designed each blend to provide specific experiences for you to enjoy. There’s Picasso’s Euphoria blend if you need a pick-me-up and Da Vinci’s Clarity blend to clear up the fog. Among many of our other blends, we also have Banksy’s Introvert Blend to help you feel comfortably alone (company optional).

We’ve created these blends, because as powerful as each cannabinoid can be on its own, combining certain ones can lead to an even greater effect. The unique effects and benefits of each compound may change in the presence of other compounds. This is known as the entourage effect. Think of cannabinoids as a group of people at a party. Each person has their own unique personality and behavior, but when they are together, their behavior may change in the presence of others. Some people may become more outgoing and energetic, while others may become more reserved, especially if they’re introverts. Similarly, some cannabinoids may change their behavior in the presence of others, potentially enhancing or modifying their effects. 

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Who is Salvador Dali?

Salvador Dali was a Spanish Surrealist artist born in 1904 in Figueres, Spain. He was known for his quirky, imaginative paintings and his eccentric, unpredictable personality. He was, and is considered one of the most important figures in Surrealist art. In his art, Dali drew inspiration from both rational elements of life as well as those found deeper within our psyches. His use of bizarre and surreal elements in his artwork often explored the unconscious mind and the world of dreams. He was also a skilled draftsman and used a variety of media in his art, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and film. 

Dali’s Art

Surreal art is a movement that seeks to tap into the unconscious mind and explore the universe of nocturnal imaginings- dreams. Salvador Dali was certainly a master at it. He drew inspiration from his own dreams and the theories of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis to channel the unconscious and unlock the power of imagination. Dali's artwork often featured strange and surreal elements, such as melting clocks, floating objects, and distorted figures as well as unexpected juxtapositions. He used these elements to evoke a sense of unreality and dreamlike strangeness. 

One of Dali's most famous paintings is "The Persistence of Memory," which features melting clocks and other objects set against a barren landscape. This painting has become an iconic image of Surrealism. Salvador Dali went on to become the leading as well as the most financially successful Surrealist artist. Dali's art has had a lasting impact on the art world and continues to be celebrated and admired for its ability to challenge our perceptions of reality by transporting us to a world of strange and surreal possibilities.

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Mellow Fellow - Dali’s Dream Blend

Mellow Fellow has skillfully crafted a mixture of Delta 8, HHC, CBN, CBD, and THCp to bring you Dali’s Dream blend. With your enjoyment in mind, we’ve created this blend using only the highest quality cannabinoid oils that are never cut or diluted. This expertly crafted blend of cannabinoids work together to ease your way into a state of complete relaxation you need to fall asleep and the creativity you need to produce inspiring dreams. This powerful blend can help you gain insight into your innermost thoughts and feelings, and inspire original ideas that could lead to creative breakthroughs. 

Whether you're looking to relax after a long day or take a journey into your own imagination, our in-house PhD Chemist designed Dali’s Dream blend to help you achieve both. With this blend you won’t just sleep, but also dream. If you're looking for something special that will give you both restorative sleep and beautiful dreams, be sure to try out Mellow Fellow’s Dali's Dream Blend.

Why Does Dali Pair So Well With Our Dream Blend?

Dali’s use of dreamlike imagery, rich symbolism, and masterful manipulation of reality make him the perfect representation for Mellow Fellow’s Dali’s Dream Blend. Just as he used different elements in his artwork to create something surreal and unique, our Dream Blend uses a specific blend of cannabinoids to ease you into a tranquil state of serene sleep and vivid dreams. 

Dali was deeply interested in the exploration of dreams, the subconscious mind and their connection with creativity and surreal art. He was particularly fond of Carl Jung's theories on dreams and drew inspiration from them when creating his works. In this way, Dali’s artworks are more than just paintings - they are representations of his own inner thoughts and imagination. Comparably, our Dream Blend utilizes all-natural, hemp derived cannabinoids to induce a deep sleep that allows us to explore our subconscious minds without any external influences or stresses. 

For Dali, incorporating dream-like images into his work was an attempt to push people’s imaginations beyond what they were familiar with. This concept is similar to what we strive to achieve with our Dream Blend; by creating a blend of cannabinoids that act together synergistically to promote restful sleep and imaginative dreams, we want you to experience a sense of deep relaxation, sleep and explore the boundless creativity of your subconscious mind. Just as Dali worked tirelessly throughout his career in pursuit of creating something uniquely extraordinary and meaningful, at Mellow Fellow, we strive for no less. With unyielding ambition and attention to every aspect of our products, you can feel assured that our Dream Blend will be able to provide you with only the best possible effects.

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Final Thoughts

We’re excited to announce that Da Vinci's Clarity, Picasso's Euphoria, Dali's Dream, and Van Gogh's Creativity blends are now available in 1000mg infused gummies bags. At 50mg per gummy, these Pharmacist-formulated edibles are not only potent, but incredibly tasty.

Now that we’ve delved into Dali as an artist, it's easy to see why he was chosen to represent our Dream Blend. His incredible Surrealist artworks were renowned for their dreamy, fantastical quality. His affinity for exploring the depths of the subconscious dream state had a strong influence on his masterpieces. With that in mind, what better way to transport yourself into a world of creativity and relaxation than by using Dali's Dream Blend? Not only will it help you drift off into a deep sleep, but it will also provide your sleeping mind with access to more creative ideas and imagery. Available in strains like Sunset Sherbet, delectable infused fruit punch and sour punch gummies, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect way to experience Dream like never before. Which of Dali’s artworks do you find the most mind bending? Let us know in the comments below! Stay safe and stay mellow. 

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  • Hello looking for the best gummies for sleep just sleep no tripping or high affects please relaxing

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