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What is one language that’s universal? Some say it’s math, music, or even food. Here at Mellow Fellow, we believe that it’s art. Art has a powerful way of evoking emotions, conversations, and thought provoking debates without even using words. For us, science is our art. Mellow Fellow is on the cutting edge of research in the hemp field which is why we’ve created a premium line of products- masterfully curated cannabinoid blends aimed at creating specific experiences.

With that in mind, we’ve hand-picked artists to perfectly represent each of our blends. Take Banksy’s Introvert Blend for instance. When you think of the artist Banksy, you’ll most likely think of words like anonymous, hidden, solitude, and introvert. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the artist Banksy. We'll explore what makes him the perfect artist to represent our Introvert series. Keep reading to get a deeper understanding of Banksy’s connection to Mellow Fellow’s Introvert Series.



Background On Cannabinoids: What is Delta 8 THC?

While art is certainly one of Mellow Fellow’s passions, our main passion is cannabinoids and the benefits they can provide. This is why cannabinoids like Delta 8, Delta 10, and HHC are continuing to increase in popularity. Our PhD pharmacists have extensive science backed experience which allows us to offer the highest quality cannabinoid products available. Mellow Fellow is proud to be able to consistently bring you all-natural, new hemp derived products. 

If you're unfamiliar with alternative cannabinoids, you may wonder: what is Delta-8-THC? Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. Delta 8 THC is milder than Delta 9 (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol), more commonly known as THC. It is psychoactive with relaxing, euphoric effects and can provide benefits like relief from pain, anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation. It is commonly extracted from hemp to make oils, concentrates, and even delectable edibles like Mellow Fellow’s brand new premium blend cereal bars.

Cannabinoid Blends - Better than Delta 8 alone?

Each individual cannabinoid, like Delta 8, Delta 10, and HHC, can provide powerful effects and benefits on their own. When you combine certain cannabinoids, it makes for a more refined and unique experience. This is precisely why Mellow Fellow offers premium blends. It's to help you tap into experiences in a way like never before. Whether it’s Euphoria, Creativity or Clarity you’re looking for, we’re certain you’ll find a blend that’s perfect for you. 

Our premium blends’ unique effects can be attributed to the entourage effect. Each cannabinoid’s unique behavior may change in the presence of other compounds. This is similar to how your mood may shift depending on the setting you’re in and the people you’re around. For example, you may be a bit more reserved amongst professional colleagues, but more outgoing and carefree when surrounded by those closest to you, especially if you’re an introvert.

Who Is Banksy? And what does he have to do with Delta 8?

For our Introvert Blend, the artist we selected who best personifies introversion is Banksy. The most frequently asked question about this artist is: who is Banksy? The truth is that nobody really knows. Banksy's identity has remained a mystery for decades. Throughout the years, he’s gone to great lengths to keep it that way. Any interviews the artist has participated in have been conducted via email or audio tapes where his voice had been altered. 

Despite his identity remaining a secret, he is a well-known graffiti artist and political activist. Banksy is the perfect embodiment of a modern-day introvert. Not only is his identity hidden, but he also works in solitude to create his art, adding to the intrigue of what makes him so special. His art, though wildly popular and often used to make powerful statements about current political affairs, is deeply personal and reflective of his own introspective nature. 

Banksy’s Identity

Given that Banksy’s identity remains anonymous, his biography is largely speculative. Believed to be from Bristol, England, Banksy started spray painting graffiti when he was 14 years old. While everybody has been curious about the person behind Banksy, only a few had the chance to meet the artist in person. One of them is Simon Hattenstone, British journalist of The Guardian. Hattenstone described Banksy in a 2003 article as “white, 28, scruffy casual – jeans, T-shirt, a silver tooth, silver chain and silver earring. He looks like a cross between Jimmy Nail and Mike Skinner of the Streets.” According to this interview graffiti made Banksy feel better about himself and gave him a voice.

Banksy’s Art

Banksy became known as an artist in the 1990s. Banksy’s known for his unique style of stenciling and for his profound statements on migration, militarism and modern politics. He first gained popularity in the 90s when his artwork began appearing in the streets of Bristol, England. From the early 2000s on, he rose to fame. His work has been exhibited all over the world from the sides of corporate buildings, billboards, to even the Israeli West Bank wall. 

The message behind his work is fiercely anti-war, anti-capitalist, anti-establishment. He uses subjects like rats, apes, policemen, soldiers, children and the elderly to convey his antiauthoritarian perspectives. One of his most well known works is Flower Thrower (2003). The image  depicts a young man, dressed as a militant, wearing a bandana to mask the lower half of his face. He is in the act of throwing a bouquet of flowers as if it were a grenade. Despite the aggressive posture, the figure is actually launching a universal symbol of love and peace. This print represents Banksy's powerful political activism and call for peace.


Mellow Fellow: Banksy’s Introvert Blend

Mellow Fellow’s Introvert Blend is an expertly crafted cannabinoid blend with the cannabinoids THCb, THCp, HHC, D8, CBN, and CBG. Each cannabinoid in this blend works synergistically to encourage inner exploration while providing a sense of comfort and relaxation. This blend focuses on celebrating the unique strengths of introverts and how you can use it to bring out the creativity that lies within you. Just as Banksy utilizes solitude to look inward and express himself creatively, Mellow Fellow’s Banksy’s Introvert Blend's goal is to capture this creative spirit while providing a sense of ease that introverts often seek in their own lives. 

Being an introvert does not automatically mean one struggles with anxiety but it’s not uncommon. We’ve crafted this high-grade cannabinoid blend to induce mental clarity and creativity. We've designed this blend to expand one's mind without inducing anxiety or fear. On the one hand, you can use this blend to come out of your shell. It’s also perfect for those moments when you may want to be alone and feel comfortable doing so. By using this premium cannabinoid blend, you can tap into your own inner creativity and explore new ideas without feeling overwhelmed or disconnected from the world around you. 

Bankys’s Connection to Mellow Fellow’s Introvert Blend

As an artist who has managed to stay anonymous for years, Banksy understands the power of solitude and the creative impetus it brings. Banksy's work is highly personal, reflecting his own views and experiences. This mirrors the introvert's preference for intimate conversations and private reflections. His works speak volumes about his attitude towards self-reflection and the need to understand one's own thoughts before making any kind of impact on society. This makes him the perfect representation of Mellow Fellow’s Banksy’s Introvert Blend, seeing as he could be considered the most elusive introvert there is. 

Banksy understands that there can be immense value in being introverted- that without taking time for yourself, you cannot take care of others or make meaningful contributions to the world around you. This is a lesson that our Introvert Blend tries to pass on as well; that even when living in a world full of noise and chaos, there will always be moments where we can find peace if we just stop for a moment and focus on ourselves first. With this blend, we hope to encourage users to put their own mental space and health first so that they can achieve greater levels of creativity without sacrificing their well-being in the process.

Final Thoughts

Banksy’s Introvert Blend is specifically for people who wish to relax without feeling overwhelmed, whether it’s in solitude or with company. There are several parallels between Banksy as an artist and our Introvert blend, one being that introverts need time alone to recharge their batteries - Banksy takes this idea to the extreme by concealing himself from the public eye. The one commonality that we aim for Banksy’s Introvert to celebrate and accentuate is the vast creativity that we all possess, and how impactful it can be once it’s unlocked. 

Every one of Mellow Fellow’s premium blends is unique in their effects and experiences. We have Picasso’s Euphoria blend for uplifting effects and Da Vinci’s Clarity blend to name a couple. You can enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC, Delta 10, THC and HHC in any of our other premium blends in our vape cartridges and edibles. We also have a wide variety of disposable vapes and the perfect how to guide to use them. Don’t forget to check out our brand new premium blend cereal bars for an even more immersive experience. They’re available in delicious options like Banksy’s Introvert Blend cereal bar in cookies n cream. 

So whether you consider yourself an introvert or not, we’d love for you to experience the comfort of expanding the inner working of your mind without the discomfort of anxiety with Banksy’s Introvert blend today. While in his solitude Banksy remains reserved, each piece of his art says a lot. Which of Banksy’s art do you resonate the most with? Let us know in the comments below. Stay safe and stay mellow. 

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