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Master Blends M-Fusions Bags 4 Pack Sour Punch Bundle

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Looking for a delicious way to enjoy your favorite sour flavors while getting a cannabinoids infusion? Look no further than our Master Blends Mfusions Sour Punch gummies. Our gummies are packed with deliciously tart flavors of sour apple, cherry, orange and lemon goodness. Each individual blend provides a unique experience that will be perfect for whatever vibe you’re looking for. This bundle comes with four different blends– each designed to provide specific benefits. So why wait? Order your Premium Blend Mfusions Edibles Sour Punch Bundle today!

Sour Punch Premium Blends included:

Da Vinci's Clarity Blend - THCv, HHC, D8, CBD, CBG

Van Gogh's Creativity Blend - D8, HHC, D10, CBD, CBG

Dali's Dream Blend - D8, HHC, CBD, CBN

Picasso's Euphoria - HHC, D9, D8, CBD, PHC, CBG