Van Gogh's Creativity mFusions Blends Sour Punch Gummies - Delta-8, HHC, Delta-10, CBG, CBD - [25mg per Gummy, 20ct.] (500mg Total Cannabinoids)

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Bold, juicy, super sour, citrusy, delicious, mind-expanding with the purest hemp-derived concentrates on the market. Mellow Fellow's NEW Van Gogh's Creativity Blend was specifically formulated to help you tap straight into the flow of your own imagination.


Produced by Mellow Fellow PhD chemists and pharmacists, carefully crafted with optimal ratios of rare cannabinoids to relax your nerves and help you release your inhibitions.


Take one gummy and you can't help but unleash your inner genius. A master blend of Delta-8, HHC, Delta-10, CBG and CBD ignites a creative spark of the sort that can only be found within YOU! Van Gogh gummies are sure to add an extra pep in your step and are among the most affordable gourmet cannabis sour sweets available.

Our infused edibles are 100% vegan and bursting with real fruit juice. With LOADS of sour apple, sour cherries, blue raspberry, lemon and orange, eating sour foods also helps to release serotonin, a compound that can affect many basic bodily functions such as appetite, sleep, memory, mood, and sexual desire.


Mellow Fellow's love for premium lab-tested cannabis ingredients comes from its roots in chemistry and pharmacology, where PhD scientists developed an early connection to hemp-derived cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC, to sustainable agriculture and to the farm-to-table concept.

The effects of our blended cannabinoids are not entirely unlike those commonly reported with regular, Delta-9 THC and CBD, like relaxation, feelings of euphoria and altered perceptions, but at about 40 times the strength.


Similar to delta 9, but perhaps even more calming, Delta-8 brings with it all the beauty of THC without the butterflies in your stomach. The HHC, CBG, and Delta-10 pack a huge punch, so we recommend going slow and eating 1 gummy or a fraction of a gummy at a time. If you don't think these are the best gummies you've ever had, we'll give you your money back. The quality of our product and the well-being of our customers is our #1 priority.


INGREDIENTS: Cane Sugar, Light Corn Syrup, (Corn Syrup, Salt, Vanilla), Water, Organic Apple Pectin, D8, HHC, D10, CBD, and CBG Distillates (Delta-8-Tetrahydrocannabinol, Hexahydro cannabinol, Delta-10-Tetrahydrocannabinol, Cannabidiol, and Cannabigerol, from Hemp, Cannabis sativa), Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, 100% MCT Oil (from Coconut, Cocos nucifera), Fruit and Vegetable Extract (Color)



  • Results may vary, use less than one serving for initial dose to determine effect.
  • Consult your primary care physician if you have any questions or concerns about consuming cannabinoid edibles.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.



Keep out of reach of children. Must be 21 years or older to purchase. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA or any other regulatory body for safety or efficacy. Do not use this product if you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant. Use of this product can result in failing a drug test for Marijuana. Use of this product may induce intoxicating/ psychoactive effects which can be delayed up to 4 hours.


Do not operate a vehicle or machinery after consuming this product. To determine effect, use less than one serving for the initial dose. A Hemp Product contains less than 0.3% D9-THC & THCA combined.


If you experience a serious adverse health event or side effects, contact the poison control centers at 1-800-222-1222.


Warning! This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the state of California to Cause cancer and birth defects. For more information visit: